Korean foot peeling mask review

In my last Yesstyle order, I thought I would try out the Hanaka Callus Removal Foot Pack. If feet freak you out then this might not be the blog post for you lol

I wanted to do this mask before my trip to Italy so I would have baby smooth feet when the time came to go abroad. I did the mask on a Sunday evening and was going away the following Sunday. The masks are like little plastic bags that you tie to your feet.

They have a liquid/essence at the bottom of the bag that covers the sole of your feet and doesn’t really go onto the upper part of your foot. The instructions say to leave it on for 60-90 minutes. I probably left mine on for between 90-120 minutes because I was having dinner. Once the time is up, you wash off the essence. They recommend for you to soak your feet in warm water for up to 10 minutes so your feet get a really good peel, but it’s up to you how much you want them to peel. (Sidenote: while this is a Korean brand, there were diagrams that were easy to understand)

I did all the instructions and waited for something to happen. I was hoping my skin would have started peeling when I washed the essence off – nothing. Though it did attach my nail varnish and completely decay that. Maybe after soaking my feet? Nada. As the week went on, my feet were still intact, much to my disappointment.

Until Thursday.

It started slowly – the skin on the ball of my feet began to peel off. I thought that would be the extent of it… ohhhhh no.

On Friday all hell broke loose – and by that I mean my feet completely fell to pieces. Everything went from 0 to 100 throughout the day. Around midday they looked like this:

I don’t do a massive amount of working at work, but that day I had been on my feet a fair bit. When I got home from work, my feet looked like this:

I couldn’t help but pick off the parts that were peeling, and it’s definitely worth mentioning that at no point did this hurt at all. The entire process was completely pain free. You can see from the picture above how the ball of my foot (that started to peel first) was the first part of my foot to look really nice and smooth. The order of peeling roughly was: the ball of the foot, the heel and sides and lastly the toes. The toes probably took the longest to go smooth just because the skin that was peeling was so small and hard to pick off lol, whereas the big pieces on the heel were tougher and so you could peel big pieces off in one.

The process was actually really fun! I had mentioned to various people that I was tying this out and they would ask me about how it was going and I’d show my feet to them with glee at how much they were peeling. It did take longer than I had expected – the initial peeling process took 4 days when I expected it to be much more instantaneous and it took a longer time for them to stop peeling too. It was probably by Monday or Tuesday when they finally looked all soft and there were no more pieces hanging off my toes.

Looking at my feet now (2 weeks after the initial application), my feet are still really smooth! And I’ve been on my feet all day most days walking from tourist spot to tourist spot in Italy. I used to have very tough and dry skin, particularly on my heels, which is now completely gone and totally smooth.

I’d definitely use this again, but probably give myself a little more time for my feet to peel, particularly if there is a special occasion coming up.

I got mine from Yesstyle for £5.58 which is a total steal! If you use their app for your first order, you get 10% off too! Yesstyle always have loads of offers on Korean beauty and fashion, but also offer free shipping to the UK on orders over £25 (which trust me is not hard to reach on that site!)

I hope this review hasn’t been too disgusting, but if you have tried this or want to know anything else please feel free to leave a comment on here or my instagram!


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