5 easy ways to curb your beauty spending in January

If like me you went in a little too hard in 2018 and need to watch your bank balance a little better in 2019, then I have a few pieces of advice that will have you covered!

1. Don’t buy it, because you are literally broke af

Do you really need that new highligher? That new palette? Probably not. But more than that, you really don’t have the money to buy it. January is a suuuuper long month as it is, don’t make your survival any more difficult or your overdraft any worse than it needs to be. Beauty is great and everything, but so are food and savings (to add to, not to spend on beauty).

2. If you wanted it, you’d already have it 

If you really wanted it, you would have: a) asked for it for Christmas or b) bought it in some sort of Black Friday/early Christmas sale. Aaaaaand you didn’t. So you don’t need it. Anything that launches in January can 100% wait until February to get (YOU DO NOT NEED FENTY’S CONCEALER NOW).

3. Think about whether you genuinely want it

Do you actually want this product? Or do you only want it because your friend/mum/favourite influencer/entire Instagram feed have it and you don’t? Before you buy anything, evaluate whether you actually need it. If you’ve tried a sample, done your research and it suits your skin then just save it for next month – YOU DON’T NEED IT THIS INSTANT. If you haven’t completed the above, then sorry but you’re just not that into it. If it is not absolutely crucial to your existence (don’t be over dramatic, I know what us beauty types are like), then it’s off the table (not into your bag, off the table as in you aren’t getting it).

4. You probably already have at least 3 other products in your collection that do the same thing

You do not need a fourth second cleanser. Yeah everyone might be talking about it, and your blogging nemesis may have been sent it by the brand, but who cares? Work through what you have already have and forget everyone else. This leads me on nicely to…

5. Start your own Project Pan

If you have never heard of Project Pan, it’s a movement in the beauty community to actually use the products you buy. You commit to using up existing products and only once it’s all gone can you purchase a new product from that same category (moisturiser, cleanser etc.) It’s a great way to actually use the massive stash of beauty products you have before they go off, but it can also remind you why you really liked the product (or why you hated it).

I hope you find these tips useful (and funny) and come back soon!


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