Bali Body Review – Is it pale girl approved?

If you’re a pale girl like me, the thought of fake tan might make you feel a little nervous. Flashbacks to secondary school fake tan mishaps may plague your mind when you think of fake tan, but is that all in the past now? Is there a fake tan that does perform well for pale girls like us?

Bali Body kindly sent over their Self Tanning Mousse and Mitt for me to review. Let me start by saying I am extremely pale. I am that one friend that everyone compares their tans to knowing that they’ll look super brown next to me. I don’t tan naturally because my skin burns really easily, so when Bali Body approached me about their Self Tanning Mousse, I was so game for trying it!

img_6373_facetune_10-02-2019-17-46-31-1The brand

Bali Body is an Australian tanning brand whose products are made in their hometown of Melbourne. Their products are vegan friendly, formulated using natural and naturally derived ingredients and only tested on ‘Bali Babes’.


I was actually really nervous to apply this the first time because I’ve never used self tanning products that require a mitt before. The mousse is very light and airy and the mitt is very soft and velvety. The mousse is slightly scented, but it’s not like traditional fake tan that you can smell as soon as you open the bottle. I applied two pumps straight onto the mitt and started at my ankles and did long sweeping motions upwards. The mitt ensures that the application is streakless and consistent over the whole body. I did two pumps for each side of my leg. To give me the best idea of the colour, I decided to only tan one leg (it’s winter, I can get away with it!) The instructions on the bottle were super clear, which made it really easy for a self tan virgin like me to have some tanning success! The instructions say to wait until you’re fully dry before getting dressed so I was prepared to be stood around naked for 30 minutes. However, it dried really quickly – not too quickly that it was drying as you were still applying, but within 5 minutes of finishing you are totally dry. Because it dried so fast, it meant that the application was really quick and there was no mess. Any issues that I had with the application was 100% down to me being a first time mitt tanner (I somehow managed to miss my entire bum, but my legs looked banging).

The second time I applied it I decided to apply it to my entire body (including my face). I had to borrow my boyfriend to make sure that I had got everywhere and hadn’t missed a chunk like last time (I somehow managed to managed to miss my entire bum cheek lol). There was absolutely no patchiness or streakiness and while you could tell that I was tanned, it didn’t look unnatural at all. I applied one coat one night, and another the following day, leaving it on for about 4 hours each time. The colour layered really well! The only areas where I looked a bit orange were on my feet, ankles and on my wrists. The colour on my face, which I was a bit worried about, looked fab!

The colour

Bali Body says that the base colour of this product is green, which at first sight sounds quite terrifying and like you might emerge as Princess Fiona. HOWEVER, they go on to explain that as it has a green base, it means that it colour corrects pink toned skin and will work well on fair skin. It’s absolutely true that most people with fair skin have cool undertones and have a lot of redness to their skin and traditional fake tan can just look orange. The colour is absolutely brilliant for fair skin – it gives you a golden glow that does indeed correct any redness.

L: Tan after 2 hours, R: Tan after 5 hours (just before I showered it off)

As you can see, the colour looks pretty natural in both (disregard the dark patch on my knee, you can see I have redness on my other knee too). I left it on for quite a long time but I think the colour in both looks great! While there is a clear difference in colour to my non-tanned leg, it doesn’t look very false. The colour correcting aspect of this mousse is DEFINITELY there and I love it! I have a lot of texture on my legs (I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and legs) and with that comes a fair amount of redness that caused me a lot of embarrassment when I was younger. However, this totally corrected it and gave me such confidence.


For starters, the tan didn’t come off on bed sheets (which I was worried about) or on my clothes/towels. It stayed exactly the same colour for daaaays, even when I was trying to exfoliate it away. It did start to fade around the 5 day mark, but I was exfoliating so I could prep my skin for another clean application. It also didn’t develop a smell like most fake tans do after 8 hours or so.

How is it different to other fake tans I’ve tried?

  • No obvious smell after
  • Very quick drying
  • Not orange (!!!!!!)
  • This one shade is suitable for all skin tones
  • Long lasting
  • Natural looking

Is it pale girl friendly?

100% yes. I was a bit doubtful that it would be at first, but I will give this the pale gal approval. Because you have to wash it off in the shower, you can control how dark you’d like it to go. On the bottle it also says that if you’d like a deeper colour that you can reapply once the first layer has dried down. If you are extremely pale or would just like a very subtle tan, you could leave this on for an hour or two and still have a healthy glow. I left mine on for five hours (sort of by accident, curry was calling my name) and the tan was still very realistic on me. While I like being pale, there was something about being so tanned that gave me a real confidence. I’ve been strutting around the house showing off my tan to my boyfriend like 24/7! Bali Body’s social media may be full of very deeply bronzed girls, but rest assured it works beautifully on pale skin too.



As someone who burns like a crisp whenever I go into the sun, Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse is definitely something that I will be using again – especially during summer or for a special event. I always feel a bit more confident when I’m tanned, maybe just because it’s a bit of a different look for me, and to be able to replicate it artificially without any damage to my skin is a major plus. The tanning process was so much more painless than I had imagined, the colour is perfect and it’s really boosted my confidence!


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