Evy Technology Daily 30 SPF Mousse Review

As your resident pale gal, I NEED to protect my skin from UV rays, especially in the summertime when I’m starting to spend more time outdoors. EveryoneΒ knowsΒ by nowΒ Β (or at least should know) that SPF is an absolute must all year round, but as we approach summer, sun protection becomes even more important.Β EVY Technology were kind enough to gift me their Daily 30 SPF Mousse to review, so here are my thoughts on it!


The brand

EVY Technology are a Swedish suncream brand that is specially developed for those with sensitive skin and active lifestyles. Their products are recommended by dermatologists and the Vitiligo Association and is gentle enough for those with sun eczema, sun allergies and albinism. It’s a great option for those who are sensitive to conventional types of suncream as EVY’s formula is hypoallergenic and very gentle. They have a really wide range of sun products, with SPFs ranging from 10-50, tan activators, after sun and a daily repair mousse which is specifically targeted towards sensitive skin types. Their products are safe for children, with some products specifically targeted towards kids.


IMG_0023The reason this SPF is so unique is because it is a mousse. Think the mousse you’d steal off your mum for your hair (was that just me?) – it’s just like that.

They have a patented formula which offers the user the best protection out there! Forming a protective barrier, it enhances your skin’s natural defences. Rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin like ‘normal’ sunscreens do, the mousse penetrates through the top layer of the skin and offers superior protection to UVA and UVB rays –Β SoΒ a single application lasts up to six hours. It doesn’t need to be applied as regularly as ‘normal’ suncream and is actually wind, water, salt, chlorine and sweat resistant.

This means that is doesn’t rub off as you’re living your life – whether you’ve just come out of the sea, sweating it out or toweling off and one bottle lasts twice as long as other suncreams. For these very reasons, EVY is loved and relied on by a whole host of elite sports teams – from long distance sailing teams, the Swedish cycling federation and volleyball teams.

Daily UV Face Mousse

I was sent the Daily UV Face Mousse SPF 30 to test out, so here’s what you need to know:

  • With its lightweight formula, it doesn’t clog pores and works to prevent any irritation and inflammation caused by makeup.
  • It is packed with vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • As it enhances your skin’s protective barrier, it helps to counteract pigmentation and premature aging from the sun and pollution
  • It’s perfect for under makeup or post shaving.

My experience

Give the bottle a quick shake before use and turn it upside down so no extra gas comes out. The brand recommends a golf ball size amount for your neck and face. When you first pump it into your hand, the mousse is very airy, voluminous and actually pretty solid/dense. Once you start to rub it into your hands, the mousse loses a lot of it’s volume, becomes a lot more liquidy and rubs into the skin very smoothly. It leaves your skin feeling really nice – it is certainly not a matte finish, but with glowy skin that feels ever-so-slightly tacky. As it has that glow/tackiness, it would make a really great base for makeup. After it sets down more, it leaves the skin feeling really smooth and silky. I’ve found with some sunscreens that it can feel a bit tingly/prickly and this does not happen with the EVY one. This dries down pretty quickly (probably within 5-10 minutes at the absolute most) and doesn’t leave that wet, sticky feeling where your hair get stuck to your face – thank goodness!

Just a small word of warning – don’t get too pump happy! Don’t hold the pump down for as long as you think you need otherwise you’ll end up with a massive amount of product that will probably go to waste. In an attempt to use it all up, you’ll probably end up looking like some sort of yeti (like me). You can always squirt a little bit more out, but you can’t put it back in! This is the typical less is more approach – build it up bit by bit.

If you are a SPF rookie and still think back the sticky suncream that your mum used to slather all over you, this couldn’t be further from it. It goes on so easily, isn’t sticky at all and dries down really quickly. It doesn’t leave a feeling of oiliness on the skin so is your perfect primer before makeup. This would be a great SPF option for someone who is just adding SPF to their routine or someone who has been scarred by conventional suncream.

Despite lasting 6 hours, I don’t think I would leave it that long before reapplying my suncream, mainly because I’m paranoid and don’t want to risk getting burnt. It would be really interesting to test out the longevity of the protection, but I don’t think it’s worth getting burnt to test it.

Final thoughts?

This is a major win for me! It is one of the nicest feeling SPFs I have tried on my skin and doesn’t leave any tackiness or any silicone-smooth feeling. I wore this out in the sun at the weekend and I felt safe and didn’t get burnt. I got burnt elsewhere on my body that I missed with this (doh!), but this offered me great sun protection in areas that I alllllways burn (shoulders). Because this is a different/fun way of applying suncream, I think it would be great for kids who hate the stickiness of conventional sun protection and will encourage them to apply it more thoroughly and regularly.

You can purchase the EVY range at the EVY website, Selfridges and Space NK (among other places!)


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