Beautaniq Beauty Review

What’s more fun than testing new makeup!? This time round, I’m testing out a load of goodies from Beautaniq Beauty – a cruelty free and vegan beauty brand that focuses on plant-based, natural products.

Beautaniq Beauty were find enough to *gift* me a whole host of their products and I’ve had so much fun testing them all out! The products range from skincare to makeup and are all in the cutest packaging!


Nourish + Hydrate Sheet Mask


The Nourish + Hydrate sheet mask is for sheet mask lovers everywhere who need a little pick me up. It contains bamboo extract to provide long lasting hydration and helps to replenish collagen; lotus seed to strengthen the skin’s barrier and helps to improve texture; hyaluronic acid to leave skin firm, plump and supple and finally niacinamide to improve elasticity and help your skin to retain all this lovely moisture and hydration.

If you are someone who likes a mask with a lot of juice (and who doesn’t!?) then you will LOVE this. The fit is probably a bit on the bigger side, but it means that your jaw can get in on the action too! It left my skin feeling really hydrated and plump and was a great base to put skincare over the top. It was a bit tacky after the juice had dried down, but once you apply more products it’s not an issue. I’m not a great lover of sheet masks, but this did make me feel as though my PM skincare routine was applying more smoothly and it left my skin feeling softer and plumper than before.

Guardian Angel Eye Mask

Okay these are easily the cutest things that Beautaniq Beauty make. They are under eye patches that are shaped like angel’s wings – look how cute they are! The patches are infused with with a whole host of fab ingredients.Β The cucumber extract contains ascorbic acid aka vitamin C to make the skin glow, but also helping to soothe irritated skin and reduce any swelling or puffiness around the eyes. Rose extract also has anti-inflammatory benefits, while green tea works to promote DNA repair to keep skin looking fresh and to fight the signs of ageing. Finally Hyaluronic Acid leaves skin firm, plump and hydrated.

You can wear these either way (aka the circular part near the nose or on the outside towards the ear) and they are nice and thin so they’re easy to move around. They left my under eye area feeling really soft and full for hours afterwards!

Nourishing Mascara

I really like that this came in a wooden tube rather than having a plastic wrapper. There is still a bit of waste, however at least it would be recyclable. The tube looks like a bigger version of the blush/glow serums, which is pretty unique for a mascara! This is quite a natural mascara that doesn’t quite give me the definition I’m looking for. My theory is that when you take the mascara wand out of the tube that product gets stuck to the top and bottom of the wand, but tends to miss the sides (where you’d tend to apply to the eyelashes). It may be that my one is a little dry, but when I apply it to the lashes, it’s as if there isn’t really any product on the wand. I would have to use another mascara on top of this to get my desired fullness.

Fill + Set Brow Gel

The idea of this brow gel, as the name suggests, is to fill in, thicken and tame the brows. It’s a really light, water-based formula enriched with Aloe Vera to keep brows locked in place without any flaking or fading throughout the day. The brow gel comes in blonde, brown, black and clear, so there should be an option that works for you. This is actually the first tinted brow gel that I’ve ever tried but I found it pretty easy to use. It has really good, even pigment that was not patchy in the slightest. The brush is nice and small so it can get to all the fine hairs and can get a really good sharp tail on the end of the brow. I do tend to use a clear gel afterwards to get the line super sharp on the tail but the tinted gel is capable of doing all the heavy lifting.Β  I went for the shade blonde and it is a pretty good match for my hair colour. I do think there is a definite red tint to it that is worth noting, but I noticed this more as my brow dye wore off (and probably where I was applying it more to my skin rather than the brow). Like most other tinted brow gels, I think it really helps to have some brow to start with, whether that means you have quite thick brows or you dye them so they actually show up. The first time I used this I was so chuffed with the result, but as the dye on my brows began to fade, this got harder to use! I don’t put that down to the product because I can’t even see the hairs to draw them on! If you’re new to brow gel/have no eyebrows (like me) then it may take a little time to master tinted brow gel, but overall the effect is fab! You will probably need to add in a few hair strokes with pencil, but it definitely does what it says on the tin.


Butter Lip and Cheek


These are a dual purpose lip and cheek product that will give you beautifully bitten lips and flushed cheeks with just one product. I got the shade Cocoa Rose, which is a gorgeous pinky nude shade. The formula is a little on the dry side for a balm which made it a bit of a long and repetitive process to apply it to the lips, however the dry formula would probably benefit the cheeks more. However, a major perk is that I think this product would last you absolutely ages because I’ve used quite a bit and I haven’t even made a dent in it!

Blush Serum

I got the blush serum in the shade sunset and it’s a gorgeous pinky-orange shade – just like the sky at sunset! If you are familiar with the Glossier Cloud Paints then this is probably what they are most comparable to. The blush serum comes in a little tube, just like the cloud paint and a little bit goes a long way! You could apply this in so many different ways – with your fingers, a sponge or a duo-fibre brush – depending on your preference. I personally prefer to apply this with a brush to get a light flush rather than something more pigmented. When you squeeze the product out the tube, just like any other product in this form, it is quite easy to squeeze out too much. You only need the tiniest bit to get a great colour, so be very sparing! If you do find yourself squeezing too much out, it’s quite easy to scoop it up and put it back in.


Glow Serum

This glow serum is a really intense liquid highlight. It is a cool-toned bronze shade that, for me, would be a little too dark as a traditional highlighter over makeup. However, the way I like to use this is as a base highlight – that is underneath my foundation to give my skin some serious glow! One thing worth mentioning is that, like the blush serum, this has some serious pigment, so use it sparingly! I tend to wear quite light-medium coverage base products and my foundation still completely covered the bronze colour while still leaving the glow. If you’re using an ultra-light coverage base product, you will probably resemble a bronze statue rather than a glowing goddess (hey, if that’s the look you’re after, then go for your life). If you are medium-dark, you will probably really suit this as a traditional liquid highlighter but if you’re paler then it is a great base glow.

Overall I really enjoyed trying all the products from Beautaniq Beauty! Their packaging is super cute, their shades are gorgeous and their skincare is fab!

If you’re interested in purchasing from the brand, you can find them at the Beautaniq Beauty website or at Birchbox!


*Items kindly gifted by the brand, but opinions are my own x

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I Dew Care Vitamin C Review

Vitamin C is an ingredient that everyone should have in their skincare routine, and it couldn’t be any easier to add in with an array of fun new Vitamin C products from I Dew Care!

I Dew Care are a K Beauty inspired brand that works out of the US. They exude positive vibes and just feel really cheeky and fun! They were kind enough to send over 2 products from their new Vitamin C line – The Bright Side Up serum and the Saw You Dew moisturiser. Their new collection is really vast – it contains a mist, serum, moisturiser, cleansing balm, lip oil and lip mask.


Right off the bat, the packaging for these products is absolutely gorgeous – the bright, nearly neon colour scheme that is present throughout the entire Vitamin C range is perfect for products that brighten your complexion! All the products that have lids also have this cheeky winking smiley which is also the initials for I Dew Care!Β img_5212_facetune_06-09-2019-22-36-54

Bright Side Up Serum – 30ml – $25.00

img_5924_facetune_29-09-2019-14-58-01This Vitamin C serum is a 30ml bottle of pinky-red goodness – it includes grapefruit extract to reduce the visible signs of ageing, even skin tone and boost radiance. It also contains vitamins E and B5 to condition the skin, relieve dryness and increase hydration.Β It has a soft scent that smells quite fruity, which I guess is the grapefruit! The consistency is described on their site as a ‘jelly serum’ and I can totally understand why. It isn’t one of those annoying serums that runs between your fingers when you squirt it from the dropper. It is certainly a liquid, but it does have a thickness. It’s almost gel-like but a touch thinner whereby it stays put when you apply it to your hand. When applied to the face, it feels really hydrating, spreads very easily and leaves no feeling of tackiness. There is no tingling sensation afterwards and it sinks into the skin very quickly.


In my bottle, the dropper isn’t the best and it takes a few squeezes to get an amount to cover the entire face. I’m not sure whether that is because I have a dodgy dropper or whether the consistency of the serum is a touch too thick for the dropper, but either way I’m happy to just keep at it until I have the amount I want.

Most importantly, it hasn’t caused my skin to break out. In fact, when my skin broke out while testing another product, I feel like it was this product that helped to calm it down. I can’t really say that I’ve noticed my skin looking any brighter (mainly because I rush through my morning skincare routine as fast as I can to move on to makeup), but I can feel that my skin feels soft and smooth after use and it doesn’t feel tight.

It’s probably my favourite vitamin C serum that I’ve tried – the non-sticky texture, the lovely smell and how it leaves my skin feeling after I’ve applied this makes it an absolute winner in my eyes!

Saw You Dew Moisturiser – 50ml – $29.00


Okay, so I nearly died when I opened this moisturiser – that is no exaggeration (lol of course it’s an exaggeration – can you imagine? Death by moisturiser). Anyway, I have never seen a texture so beautiful in my entire life, and that one is no exaggeration. When you first open this up, it is like WATER. Basically, this moisturiser is a water-like gel on top of a cream. A really cute spatula comes with this for you to mix it all together before applying it to your skin. It is a little bit heartbreaking to mix it together and lose the amazing gel, but the texture post-mixing is lovely too. It becomes a lot more like a traditional cream moisturiser, but is still very light (below). It contains lemon extract and vitamin C to lessen the skin imperfections and signs of ageing while also boosting radiance and protecting from environmental aggressors.


The formula is very thin – it would be a great moisturiser for summer, oilier skin and as morning moisturiser. I have dry skin and this still sets me up perfectly for the day. It sinks in quite quickly and doesn’t leave a feeling of heaviness or greasiness on the skin. Like the serum, it does have a slight scent that smells a little bit like lemon but it is really pleasant and isn’t too noticeable. A little bit goes a long way so you don’t have to pile this on to get the result you’re after.

I have absolutely loved testing these products out! I was so excited when the brand reached out to me – they have a really positive, colourful, fun vibe that definitely translates into their products. If you’re looking for budget-to-mid range vitamin C products then this is definitely a brand you should consider. You can find I Dew Care at Memebox or at Ulta if you’re in the US.

Remember, if you’re using vitamin C product, please always apply a good SPF!


*Both items gifted from I Dew Care

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Pretty Athletic Cool Down Cleanser review

Pretty Athletic is an active skincare brand that boasts some truly epic products, one of which being their Cool Down Cleanser, which I have developed quite a liking for.

I mean, have you ever come across a product that you love so crazy, madly, deeply that you feel the need to tell every stranger on the street and scream it from the rooftops. Yep. This cleanser.

I’m sure you’re thinking, why this cleanser? Well allow me to retell my epic love story with the Cool Down Cleanser. I came across this product in the goodie bag at the Indie Beauty Expo in London last year and thought the concept was pretty cool. Pretty Athletic was the brain child of a fabulous lady called Leyla who wanted to create post-workout skincare for women on the go. As a gym bunny myself, I loved the sound of a cooling cleanser, especially as I am someone who really works up a sweat and gets very hot and red.

This cleanser, quite obviously by the name, is aimed to calm and cool the skin after exercise, but it also rehydratesΒ and removes sweat and impurities that have built up during your workout. It combines botanical ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile and green tea with actives like hyaluronic acid and prebiotics to reduce oiliness, prevent exercise related breakouts, intensely hydrate and support your skin flora! Your skin goes through quite a lot when you exercise and this little powerhouse makes sure that doing your thing doesn’t have an impact on your skin.

It is a lovely, thick, gel cleanser that feels so nourishing and hydrating. I should mention that it is not thick in that it feels heavy on the skin or would clog your pores, but when you pump it out, it is quite solid and doesn’t run straight off your hand. As it is so thick, it feels amazing when you massage this into the skin (the brand recommends massaging in for roughly 30 seconds). I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first used this, but I really didn’t expect such a pleasant cooling sensation! It is in no way overwhelming or tingly on the skin, but it’s almost as if you have splashed your face with cool water. It instantly cools the skin down and you can feel the moisture and goodness returning to your skin as your massage. It does have a scent, but it’s subtle and to me it doesn’t smell artificial, so I don’t think it would cause an issue to anyone that has a fragrance sensitivity. It is also totally safe to use on your eyes and doesn’t sting them at all, even when you open them.Β One thing I’ve found with this which is a massive bonus, is that my skin is always much smoother after I use it. I don’t tend to leave this on for a massive amount of time, usually around 20-30 seconds, and my skin feels noticeably softer.Β 

Pretty Athletic Cool Down Cleanser

This is hands down the best second cleanse I’ve ever used! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be a gym bunny to love this! This is extra nice to use when my skin is hot or red after the gym and you definitely feel the benefit of it, but it’s just as amazing after a long day at work/a short day at work/the best day of your life/any day of your life. Basically what I’m getting at is that this is an absolute banger and you need to try it.

I have actually started to have nightmares about running out of this cleanser. I am not even joking. I had two empties in the same day and that night I had a nightmare that I ran out of this unexpectedly. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I have a massive thing for texture. I’ve had dreams about this texture too. THAT’S HOW DREAMY IT IS!

To top it all off, this is the only second cleanser that I have ever repurchased.Β I usually see second cleansers as a bit meh, a bit replaceable, but I can’t be without this one. As soon as I run out, I place an order straight away!

Try it. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Okay, I can’t guarantee it, but I’m pretty sure you will fall madly in love and never want to look at another gel cleanser again. If you go on the Pretty Athletic website and sign up to their newsletter, they often send out discount codes and their shipping is super quick!

*This review is not sponsored I just love it that much. I have received free products from Pretty Athletic in the past, but this was not one of them.*


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BYBI Beauty Brand Review

BYBI Beauty is the natural beauty brand that’s making a difference. They’re a cruelty free, vegan brand, with sustainability on their mind and eco-friendly packaging.Β I was lucky enough to be gifted some products from BYBI Beauty – their famous Babe Balm, Strawberry and Bakuchiol boosters.

*** Save 20% on sustainable beauty on by using code HANNAH20!***


Babe Balm

This is described as an ‘all-round dry skin saviour’, but it is also the ultimate multi-tasker. It can be used in a multitude of ways, from a lip balm; to a cuticle lotion; a tattoo healer; a nappy rash calmer; a makeup remover; a brow tamer and even a dry nose soother!

It is quite a thick balm and I was a little unsure how I would use it to begin with. It isn’t quite your everyday moisturiser because it is a bit too thick, but it does make a cracking lip balm and a great moisture hit when your skin is really suffering!

My favourite way to use this is by pairing it up with the strawberry booster. I love doing this with thicker products to make them thinner and a bit easier to apply. I squeeze out a pea sized amount of the balm, before applying 3-4 drops of the oil and mixing it together with my fingers. I’ve started doing this as a little treat to myself on the weekends and it leaves my skin feeling great. It’s worth nothing that because both products are quite thick that they don’t really dry down, but that’s not an issue for me when I’m not planning to leave the house. Before using it the first time, I had some flaking and dryness around my nose, and after applying my little concoction, it had totally cleared up and felt amazing!

Strawberry Booster

I am such an oil addict. They are easily my favourite type of products because I really feel as though they are the product that makes my skin feel the most soft. I am always ready to add a new oil to my collection! This 100% Cold Pressed Strawberry Seed Oil is supposed to be a great to soften your skin while improving moisture for dry, flaky and sensitive skins. The boosters from BYBI are designed to slot in with the rest of your routine, so you can just add a few drops into your moisturiser or serum and away you go. I prefer to apply it like I would an oil, which is recommended for more intense moisture boost. It is a fairly thick oil that does sit on the surface of the skin for quite a while, which isn’t an issue for me as I only use my oils in the night time. I actually prefer thicker oils because they deliver a better result in terms of softer skin. However, if you were to use a lighter hand, it sinks in pretty quickly. This has been great for getting rid of any drier patches of skin for me and feels really great on my skin, and even better in the morning.

BYBI Beauty Bakuchiol Booster and Strawberry Booster

Bakuchiol Booster

This was the product that I was most excited for. Bakuchiol (Bah-coo-chee-ol) is on everyone lips at the moment as it’s a natural, plant-based alternative to retinol. As someone who has been wanting to explore retinol for a while but has been a little nervous, this seemed like the perfect product for me to test out. BYBI (as far as I am aware) was the first major brand to launch a bakuchiol oil, way before the super ingredient became fashionable.Β It stimulates collagen production and helps to improve your skin condition, all while being gentler than retinol! If you’ve ever tried retinol, you might have had some irritation, sensitivity, dryness or even breakouts. Another massive plus with this is that you can use it morning AND night because it isn’t photo sensitive – AKA it won’t cause any harm to your skin if you use it in the day time. Still, always remember to wear your sunscreen as you would anyway. This is a 1% strength Bakuchiol in olive squalane so it feels really nourishing and spreads very easily. It is a thinner consistency to the Strawberry booster, but again, it depends how much you put on as to how quickly it absorbs into the skin.

Since I was sent these products I have completely used up all of the Bakuchiol and Strawberry Boosters and have since repurchased them both. I wish the oils were a little bigger because 15ml for an oil lover doesn’t get you too far! However, they are so reasonably priced that repurchasing isn’t a problem at all – the boosters are Β£12 each. I’m really interested to see the long-term benefits of the Bakuchiol Booster on my skin – I’ve been using them for about a month now and I’ve not seen too much just yet, but I’m in it for the long haul!

Since being gifted these products, I’ve also bought all the remaining boosters in the range (Buriti, CBD and Blueberry). I’ve been really impressed by the boosters so far and they’re the perfect addition for any oil addict! Once I’ve tried these out a bit more, I’ll post a review on them.

BYBI Beauty Bakuchiol Booster, Babe Balm and Strawberry Booster

BYBI has quickly became a brand that I really like and really trust. They have a real cool girl vibe about them, but their sustainable approach to beauty has completely won me over. They are the ultimate modern beauty brand – giving their customers efficacious products, at a reasonable price, all while being kind to our planet. If you’d like to check them out, you purchase them at their website,Β Boots, ASOS, Feel Unique, Naturisimo.


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Charlotte Tilbury – JK Magic Review

By now, everyone and their nana has seen that Charlotte Tilbury has launched Hot Lips 2 – a gorgeous new line of lipsticks all inspired by her famous friends. If you’re interested in a review of the Hot Lips 2 collection, and particularly a JK Magic review, then you’re in the right place!

Image result for charlotte tilbury hot lips 2Photo belongs to Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are famous. Her previous collection of Hot Lips lipsticks were all inspired by famous clients that she has worked with before… so the second one should be no different, right!? The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection contains 11 brand new shades, including CT’s first lip balm. The shades are as follows (image top left to right):

Glowing Jen – A tawny, beach rose nude
Viva La Vergara – A soft wine
Dancefloor Princess – A pop pink
In Love With Olivia – A sumptuous pink
Amazing Amal – A soft, berry-pink
Red Hot Susan – A tawny-orange red
JK Magic – A peachy nude-rose
Patsy Red – A statement red
Carina’s Star – A modern peach soft coral
Enigmatic Edward – A ‘comforting’ lipstick conditioner
Angel Alessandra – A ‘sunset’ peachy nude

(As far as I can tell, Angel Alessandra is missing from the pic above).

To me, these shades are far more beautiful and much more wearable than the previous collection of Hot Lips, mainly because it includes a wide collection of nudes.

Charlotte Tilbury JK Magic lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury JK Magic lipstick from the Hot Lips 2 collection, inspired by JK Rowling

Despite all these stunning shades, the main reason you might have heard about these lipsticks is because of their beautiful, custom packaging… and the fact that they are refillable. As far as I’m aware, Charlotte Tilbury is the first mainstream makeup brand to offer refillable lipsticks. Now, I might be living under a rock here and be totally wrong, but I can’t think of any others off the top of my head. Going forward, I think that refillable lipsticks will become the new ’40 shades’ – that is the new industry standard when coming out with a new product. I mean, you’ve got to hand it to her, Charlotte Tilbury is has come out with the most gorgeous packaging so obviously you’d never want to chuck it away! Plus the refills are obviously cheaper than the entire lipstick and case, AND it cuts down on waste! It’s all very clever and has me well and truly on-board. The only sliiiight downside is that you can’t choose which packaging you want – they’re already assigned to certain colours. This isn’t a massive issue to be honest and once you buy a refill, you can put any colour you want in any packaging. There are only 5 different packaging options, which, again, isn’t the end of the world AT ALL.

Related image

After lusting after these a bit online, I swatched pretty much all the nudes in store and they were all absolutely gorgeous. I could have easily walked away with four lipsticks (JK Magic, In Love With Olivia, Glowing Jen and Dancefloor Princess). I was particularly torn between JK Magic and Dancefloor Princess. JK Magic was more of a classic nude with a touch more orange/pink, whereas Dancefloor Princess was a nude pink. The way that I like to wear my nude lipsticks is using a dark rose shade lip liner (the absolute best one is MAC Whirl lip liner – nothing ever measures up to this!) Even though JK Magic does have a touch of orange to it, pairing it with Whirl literally makes it the perfect shade. It also makes it more versatile – you can wear your lipstick as it’s original colour and choose a lip liner that is close to it, or you can go for different lip liners to play around with the colour! These are very pigmented and just one swipe gives you great colour pay off.

These lipsticks don’t have the same matte finish as the original Hot Lips collection. I have another Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, admittedly from the Matte Revolution line, and they really weren’t joking when they said it was matte. These are a lot more comfortable on the lips and have a gorgeous sheen that make your lips look lovely and juicy.

JK Magic

In case you aren’t familiar with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, the lipstick bullet itself if very angular. Initially it confused me because you can’t imagine how a square shaped lipstick could possible give you sharp lines or stick to the outline of your lips, but it does! And really well! Maybe the best part of this lipstick (if you’re a total sucker like I am) is the lips that are engraved/printed into the lipstick bullet. If I’m truly honest, this little kiss imprint in the bullet was a major deciding factor in me buying this. It actually breaks my heart to think that at some point it will wear away, but for the meantime, it’s true love. I keep looking at it and taking pictures of it. I’m such a loser I know.

I am absolutely in love with this lipstick! This nude is perfect for anyone as fair as I am (NC15ish). Though you probably could wear it alone, I love to pair this up with Whirl lipliner from MAC and is the most perfect shade. I am so impressed with the shade, the formula and the packaging that I’m SO tempted to buy another one. I’m lusting after Glowing Jen or In Love With Olivia, and if I’m being honest with myself, it’s just a matter of time before I get another one. Even the non-nude shades have me ready to throw my money at the Charlotte Tilbury counter! This is probably one of the most expensive lipsticks I’ve ever bought, if not *the* most expensive, at Β£28 for the full package (the reusable packaging and the bullet – it comes all in one like a normal lipstick). The refills are Β£19, which to me is still pretty pricey considering it doesn’t include the cost of the packaging, but I think these are definitely worth it. I love wearing this lipstick, it feels really gorgeous on the lips and makes me feel so confident!

If you are in the market for a new lipstick – GET ONE OF THESE. The shades are excellent, super pigmented and have a beautiful finish. They’re pricey, but if you’ll get the use out of it then do it!


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Dr Botanicals Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask Review

Are you searching for the perfect mask to hydrate and replenish your skin? Have you tried loads of masks to no results? Well this might be the one to change the game for you!

Dr Botanicals reached out to me to try out their new hydrating mask, and I couldn’t say yes quick enough! They areΒ one of the world’s top vegan brands, who are cruelty free and focuses their formulations around all natural ingredients. For the environmentally minded among us (and you should all be environmentally minded), Dr Botanicals’ packaging is not only recyclable but also made up of recycled fibers.

They sent over their Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask for me to review and share my thoughts. This 10 minute mask promises to hydrate, nourish and revive your skin with an all natural formula! As someone with normal-dry skin, this sounded right up my street! Before I get into the review, can we just take some time to admire these beeeeautiful photos that I took (I’m so proud of myself)


The two key ingredients here are cocoa butter and coconut oil. Cocoa butter is great for smoothing and moisturising the skin and coconut oil is high in fatty acids and antioxidants that restore, hydrate and protect the skin. This is supposedly suitable for all skin types, but I know a lot of people have some serious reservations about coconut oil in products. If you are a bit concerned about that, then this may not be the product for you. Another quick note on the ingredients, if you check out the ingredients list, alcohol is listed pretty high up. DO. NOT. PANIC. In case you aren’t aware, there are good and bad alcohols in skincare, and this is one of the good ones. It contains cetearyl alcohol which is a fatty alcohol and particularly benefits those with drier skin. Paula’s Choice (which is a great source of info on skincare ingredients) confirms that this is a safe ingredient for alcohol haters, as fatty alcohols do not pose a risk for sensitive skin.

So I opened it up and had a play! The texture of this is surprisingly thin for a nourishing mask and it has very little scent. The first time I applied this, I felt the need to apply quite a thick layer on in order to get maximum hydration/nourishment as it was so thin. It did dry down which surprised me and it left my skin feeling a bit tight before I washed it off. When I removed it after my first trial, I didn’t feel any noticeable difference to my skin. I was pretty disappointed but… I didn’t read that you should apply a thin layer… Let this be the lesson!


Ever since, I have applied a thin layer and have left it on for 10 minutes. I could tellΒ instantlyΒ how smooth and soft my skin was as I was washing it off. I literally could not stop touching my face afterwards! I have quite smooth skin anyway, but the softness absolutely blew my mind! It didn’t leave any feeling of tightness or feel the need to moisturise my skin straight away – I was quite happy to sit stroking my baby smooth skin for a while. It really does deliver on hydration and nourishment! What’s great about this mask is that it’s quite small so it’s easy to travel with, the results are fast and it’s easy to apply (and not too messy!)

Dr Botanicals doesn’t use any preservatives in their products so this only has a shelf life of 3 months. That might not sound like a very long time but it’ll be pretty easy to get through it in that time as the mask is only 30 ml.


Overall, this little mask is a powerhouse! If you’re on the lookout for a hydrating mask that leaves your skin feeling like it’s had a tall drink of water, a long night’s sleep and 5 weeks off. Basically, your skin feels amazing afterwards! I often find that masks don’t do too much for my skin, but the results were instant and undeniable with this one! This little mask is super affordable at only Β£9 – bargain!

If you’d like to try this out and save 30% on your order on the Dr Botanicals site, use code 30HANNAHΒ at checkout! I’d really appreciate it!


*This product was gifted by the brand in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Clinique Fit Workout Makeup SPF 40 review (Heatproof/Sweatproof foundation?)

Here’s a little fact about me: I am very anti-makeup for the gym. Probably not what you were expecting to hear as the opening line for a workout foundation review, right? Well here we are.

If you are looking to see whether this holds up on the treadmill, unfortunately you won’t find that here. However, I’ve been using this foundation as my summer foundation lately – if it’s a workout foundation, then it should hold up in the summer heat, right!? Well, let’s see.


The beginning of this story does centre around the gym. My sister asked me if I knew of any foundations that would hold up at the gym. Initially, I had recommended a drugstore foundation for oily skin, because if it is made to deal with oils, it should hold up fairly well with sweat? Well apparently not. She came back to me asking for other suggestions. I had heard of the Clinique Fit foundation, but thought it would be a bit out of budget for my student sister. She bought it, and LOVED it.

Knowing I’m quite a sweaty gal in the summertime, she actually recommended it back to me to wear for summer. I was up for trying it! There was a sale on Clinique recently, so I actually managed to get 2 for like a tenner each. Let the testing begin.

Maybe I’m crazy… but I didn’t test this out until I got on holiday… in Vietnam. I’ve been to Vietnam before – it’s humid as hell and the sweat literally rolls down your face. Now, I am not a daytime makeup wearer on holiday. I have no issue leaving the house with nothing on my face but SPF and I wasn’t looking for a foundation that I could use during the day on holiday. The nighttime is a different matter. Usually, even at night, it’s HOT and my makeup always breaks down between my nose and mouth and makes it look like I have a red moustache. It’s very attractive I promise.

Off the bat, let me just talk about the packaging. The bottle comes not in a box… but in a weird resealable looking plastic bag. WHY!? There is absolutely no need for the unnecessary plastic to be used here and it seemed really weird to be honest. The bottle itself doesn’t have a pump, so you just give it a little shake and pour it out. I think this makes it quite a good product for people who use makeup on the go, which is basically the point of the line!


When I first poured the foundation onto my hand, I was surprised a) by the colour and b) by the consistency. I got the colour 01 Light (the lightest shade) and it looked very orange, which had me instantly nervous. The consistency is very runny, to the point where it could run off your hand if you tip it too much. It is very much a light coverage that you can build up to a comfortable medium. Because it is so runny, it is very light and breathable on the skin. I personally really enjoy a lighter coverage in summer (because it is far less obvious when your makeup breaks down in the skin, plus your skin can breathe more). If you have active acne or some scarring, you might not feel comfortable with such light coverage (I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable with anything less than full coverage when I had my acne, but each to their own). I can still see most of my freckles when I wear this, which I really like. When you add your concealer, it does add a bit of additional coverage which it needs and just finishes the base for me. It pairs well with cream products and no foundation gets lifted or disrupted when cream products are applied straight out of the stick. It is SPF 40, but SPF in foundations is not enough to count as your daily sunscreen, especially if you’re going for a light coverage. Always apply your SPF before your foundation when going out in the daytime.Β 


As for how it wears? You will still sweat – this foundation does not promise to stop you sweating or block up your sweat glands. HOWEVER, it holds up very well in the heat. One particular evening in Ha Long Bay, it was really hot in the early evening and the sweat was rolling down my face, and I was really nervous to dab my face and accidentally wipe any away. To my surprise, the foundation on my chin and between my nose and mouth had held up, despite wiping (and seeing the foundation come off on my fingers). Even back in the UK, my makeup holds up so well on the tube and in the heat, even when you think your makeup will be ruined, it never is.

I’ve been wearing this to work (total wear time roughly 14 hours) and it still looks great throughout the day. Of course because it is a lighter coverage, any breakdown is not so painfully obvious as it would be with a full coverage foundation. However, I think it holds up better than quite a number of my other foundations (if not all of them), especially in those areas that I tend to sweat more.

My main gripes with the foundation are how hard it is to find and how few shades there are. You can only get this on the Clinique website (where only a few shades are ever in stock) or at Selfridges (where exactly the same shades are only in stock). As you can see from the image (apologies for the tiny picture, there are no others that show the shade range), there are 7 shades, but 3 are basically all the same. The lightest shade isn’t light enough for the arm it’s on and there should at least be another 2 darker shades than the darkest. Maybe because the line was brand new and they were unsure how many people would show an interest in it, they didn’t create such an extensive, diverse range, but they could at least present an even distribution of shades.

Image result for clinique fit foundation shades

Overall, this IS an absolute winner for me. I already have one backup of this, but I will be buying more. I haven’t found a foundation that lasts so well on my face before when I’m sweating. I struggle so much in the area between my nose and mouth and actually carry concealer and a brush wherever I go to fix it when it wears off. I don’t have to do this now with this foundation, which is just fantastic!

If you want to try this out, you can only get it on the Clinique website, at ASOS or at Selfridges.


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Sol de Janeiro Brand Overview

Sol de Janeiro is the body care brand that is out for world domination! This best smelling (and selling) line is teaching the world to take care of their bum bum (get it?) The world’s most summery line has been expanding recently into SPFs and glow oils, and I’ve been lucky enough to try a fair few of their products, so here are my thoughts on what I’ve tried so far!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This cream, also known as the best smelling product on the entire planet, is just next level. The scent of this is unlike any other that I have smelt before and it’s so clear why people love it so much. I think most of it is down to the scent. As a body moisturiser, it’s okay but I’m not great at remembering to moisturise my body all the time. I’ve never noticed that this made my skin feel suuuuuper soft, but it does feel nice afterwards. For such a thick cream, it sinks in pretty quickly, which is a major plus for me as I literally detest the wet, sticky feeling after you’ve applied body lotion. I have repurchased this, but it is mainly because I just love the scent so much. Whenever I apply this, it does feel like a massive treat and it was the first product that made me fall for this brand


MySol Stick SPF 50

Okay okay, we have a winner! This instantly caught my attention because I had never seen anything like this before! This is easily my favourite product I’ve tried from the brand, maybe because it is so unique, but also because it’s so easy to use and so effective. This doesn’t have the same scent as the rest of the products I’ve tried, but maybe this scent is even better!? It’s a sweet/nutty/caramel smell that is so addictive and literally out of this world! It is really potent in the stick but once you apply it, the smell quickly disappears – it certainly doesn’t linger all day. If you’re sensitive to fragrance then this probably isn’t the product for you!

2102029b-4aa7-480f-840d-fb0d971ddfd5I didn’t test it out until I got on holiday… in Vietnam. This sunscreen is an SPF 50 and is water resistant for up to 8 minutes. This does contain coconut oil, which for my normal-dry skin is not a problem, but it is something to bear in mind. When I apply this, I apply it all over the face and then rub it in with my fingers to make sure that I haven’t missed any parts. Because the stick is circular, it’s really easy to get into the folds of the face, especially around the nose. It layers really well, so re-application is absolutely no bother. You are supposedly able to apply it over makeup to top up on your SPF and when I have tested it out, it didn’t remove any of my makeup. You will definitely have to double cleanse to remove this because you will definitely still feel it if you don’t (you should always be double cleansing with SPF anyway).

It’s worth noting that this SPF does leave your skin feeling a bit tacky for a while afterwards. If you were to wear this alone (without makeup over the top), you can definitely feel it on the skin and if you had your hair down, it would get stuck to your face. It doesn’t necessarily feel heavy on the skin, but it doesn’t feel as light as liquid sunscreens do. Because it doesn’t really set down, I don’t know how good this would be for oily skin types. For drier skin types, it would be great to keep the skin moisturised, but it might not be the best fit for oily or acne prone skin. I want to get a giant version for my body! I would definitely recommend this suncreen to anyone, especially if you already love the brand or are curious about trying a new SPF.

Samba Foot Fetish Care

img_2497_facetune_28-06-2019-16-02-32I saw my friend Anita (@the.wrinkle.phobic) use this all over her Instagram and it peaked my interest. I have pretty dry feet so I was wondering whether this cream would be thick enough to really make a difference for them. The cream comes with a mini surf board to buff away dead skin to leave skin smooth before you apply the cream. The cream has the amazing signature Sol de Janeiro scent but is much thinner than I was expecting, which made me wonder how moisturised my feet would be afterwards. Whenever I’ve applied it, I’ve done one or two thin-ish layers all over my feet and it has sunk in really nice and quickly. I was really pleasantly surprised the morning afterwards how smooth my feet have felt! I think a large part is down to the prep using the board, and clearly the cream is a great moisturiser!

Brazilian 4-Play Shower Cream Gel

I promised myself that I would get this once me and my boyfriend moved in together as a little treat. The best part of this is that it smells IDENTICAL to Bum Bum – which I was hoping for! When you use it in the shower, it isn’t a scent that washes off straight away. Instead it lingers on your skin and in the room, leaving your bathroom smelling like a Brazilian dream! My boyfriend would always know when I had used this and loooved the scent. It is probably the thickest shower cream I’ve ever tried, and I’ve found that it does leave a bit of a residue on the skin as you wash it off. It is Β£21 for 385ml, which is pretty steep for a day-to-day shower gel. If I were to repurchase this, I would keep it as a treat and use as a part of my weekly self care routine.

If you want to try out any products from Sol de Janeiro, you can find them at Space NK, Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and the Sol de Janeiro website.Β If you’re a bit savvy about it, you should be able to get these products at a discount on various sites. Feel Unique have 10% student discount through UniDays, Space NK often does a great offer of Β£15 off orders over Β£60 and Cult Beauty periodically offers 15% off orders over Β£20 – so be sure to keep an eye out!

Overall, Sol de Janeiro is a brand that has me excited. They have a really cool vibe, come out with really cool and unique products… and they are sooo grammable. They’re also really active on Instagram and really responsive to followers, which is so nice to see from a brand. Although it’s expected, it’s just not that common. Here’s to trying more products in the future!


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Milk Matte Bronzer and Lip + Cheek Stick Review For Pale Skin – SUMMER MAKEUP

I am not a cream lover –Β there I’ve said it. I haven’t used cream makeup products since I tried out the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette 4 years ago and absolutely hated it. However, with summer around the corner and in a desperate bid not to sweat through my makeup, I’m willing to give cream another chance.

After watching lots of Youtube videos on sweatproof and heatproof makeup, the one thing they had in common was the use of creams and the total avoidance of powders. I am the ultimate powder girl. Ever since that rough encounter with the ABH cream contour palette, the closest I have dabbled with creams is applying a Fenty Shimmer Stick with a brush lol.

So here we are.

Milk Makeup Bronzer in Baked and Lip + Blush stick in WerkI decided to try out the Milk Matte Bronzer in the shade Baked and the Lip + Cheek stick in the shade Werk.

The product itself comes in a plastic cylinder with two blocks at either end to keep it in place. This seems like a bit of a waste of plastic to me and it would be just find with a thin plastic sheet around it (like mascaras have here in the UK) to stop people breaking into them. Aside from that, the packaging is really clever. You just twist the bottom up when you need more product and apply it straight out of the stick. These are a little bulky and would take up a fair bit of space in your makeup bag, but if you’re swapping out your powders, you’ll have space to spare.


Milk Matte Bronzer in Baked; Milk Lip and Cheek in Werk; Milk Hydrogrip PrimerIn the stick this shade looks very dark, especially to someone with pale/fair skin! Upon first application, it is very pigmented and makes you panic that it won’t blend out, leaving you with stripes down your face. But rest assured, you don’t need to worry. The bronzer is really creamy and blends out really well… maybe a little too well. It doesn’t blend away to absolutely nothing, but it does take a little time depending on how heavy handed you’ve been, but I do find that I go back in a few times to build the colour up to where I want it. As for the suitability for pale skin,Β  I find that the colour is pretty bang on. Because it blends out so well, I would say that people lighter than me (so very very fair) would be able to use the shade Baked with no problems. It is definitely buildable, so the product can be worked up to your preferred level of bronzed. As the stick is quite thick, when you apply it, the stripes can be quite thick. This isn’t so much a problem when you’re applying it to your forehead or your temples, but when you’re applying it to your cheeks you don’t really want a thick band of bronzer. When you blend it, it can travel down to the area that would usually be left blank (lower part of the cheek or towards the mouth) and it can look really strange. It’s really easily fixable with a bit of concealer so it’s certainly not the end of the world. You can turn the stick to an angle to get a thinner line, but you have to remember to do it! One thing I have noticed is that the formula does tend to stay wet for a long while after you’ve applied them. They don’t really tend to dry down for a fair amount of time, which has resulted in a lot of fly-aways getting stuck to my face (gross). I know some people like to blend bronzer in with a sponge, but I found that using a flat topped synthetic brush blended out the bronzer much more seamlessly and much faster.



‘Werk’ is a really pretty shade that is described as a Dusty Rose colour. Of all the shades, it is the most ‘natural’, least bright and most wearable. Like the bronzer, this has a very strong swatch that blends out pretty nicely. The only issue I find with using the bronzer and the blush together is that they blend in with each other and one colour replaces the other. Due to the thickness of the sticks, it is quite difficult to have separate areas on the face where the blush and bronzer don’t meet or overlap. It doesn’t create a muddy look (luckily) but the pigmentation of the blush takes over the cheek and you have to reapply the bronzer to get the bronze back. This colour is pretty, but once it’s blended in it does give you a bit of a sunburnt look (which I know some magazines are promoting at the moment, but I don’t want that look). On skin tones darker than mine, I’m sure it would be a lovely shade, but it’s just unfortunate that when blended out, it is the exact shade of my skin when it’s burnt. As a result I’ve not been using this as much. I have used this on my lips, but it is actually quite difficult to apply (BECAUSE IT’S SO THICK, just in case I haven’t mentioned that enough already). It also is quite an odd formula to wear on the lips as it doesn’t really look much like a lip product.

Blended with finger

It’s important to mention that neither of these sticks remove any makeup when I apply it onto foundation or concealer. Unlike my Fenty Shimmer Stick, these do NOT remove your foundation or leave it patchy. The formula is very smooth and it sails over the foundation and creates a really gorgeous, natural base.

The bronzer is a definite winner for pale skin, but I’ll have to get back to you on the blush.

I have been really enjoying these products from Milk, especially the bronzer, though I do wish they were slightly thinner so that application could be a little more precise. When compared to my powder bronzers, I would say that these last better and don’t go patchy throughout the day when I’m sweating or touching my face. On days where I’m just wearing blush, the blush would be a banger. I’m still working on ways to make this work together, so if anyone has any tips, please leave them below!

These are Β£20.50 each, which at first glance you might think is quite expensive, but a little bit of this does go a long way and this would be around the right price point of a mid/high-end bronzer/blush. I am definitely tempted to buy more from Milk after trying these, especially their highlighter which I have pretty high hopes!

If you’d like to try these out (and I think you should!), then you can find them at Cult Beauty.

Leave me a comment if you’ve tried these and what you think!


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Evy Technology Daily 30 SPF Mousse Review

As your resident pale gal, I NEED to protect my skin from UV rays, especially in the summertime when I’m starting to spend more time outdoors. EveryoneΒ knowsΒ by nowΒ Β (or at least should know) that SPF is an absolute must all year round, but as we approach summer, sun protection becomes even more important.Β EVY Technology were kind enough to gift me their Daily 30 SPF Mousse to review, so here are my thoughts on it!


The brand

EVY Technology are a Swedish suncream brand that is specially developed for those with sensitive skin and active lifestyles. Their products are recommended by dermatologists and the Vitiligo Association and is gentle enough for those with sun eczema, sun allergies and albinism. It’s a great option for those who are sensitive to conventional types of suncream as EVY’s formula is hypoallergenic and very gentle. They have a really wide range of sun products, with SPFs ranging from 10-50, tan activators, after sun and a daily repair mousse which is specifically targeted towards sensitive skin types. Their products are safe for children, with some products specifically targeted towards kids.


IMG_0023The reason this SPF is so unique is because it is a mousse. Think the mousse you’d steal off your mum for your hair (was that just me?) – it’s just like that.

They have a patented formula which offers the user the best protection out there! Forming a protective barrier, it enhances your skin’s natural defences. Rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin like ‘normal’ sunscreens do, the mousse penetrates through the top layer of the skin and offers superior protection to UVA and UVB rays –Β SoΒ a single application lasts up to six hours. It doesn’t need to be applied as regularly as ‘normal’ suncream and is actually wind, water, salt, chlorine and sweat resistant.

This means that is doesn’t rub off as you’re living your life – whether you’ve just come out of the sea, sweating it out or toweling off and one bottle lasts twice as long as other suncreams. For these very reasons, EVY is loved and relied on by a whole host of elite sports teams – from long distance sailing teams, the Swedish cycling federation and volleyball teams.

Daily UV Face Mousse

I was sent the Daily UV Face Mousse SPF 30 to test out, so here’s what you need to know:

  • With its lightweight formula, it doesn’t clog pores and works to prevent any irritation and inflammation caused by makeup.
  • It is packed with vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • As it enhances your skin’s protective barrier, it helps to counteract pigmentation and premature aging from the sun and pollution
  • It’s perfect for under makeup or post shaving.

My experience

Give the bottle a quick shake before use and turn it upside down so no extra gas comes out. The brand recommends a golf ball size amount for your neck and face. When you first pump it into your hand, the mousse is very airy, voluminous and actually pretty solid/dense. Once you start to rub it into your hands, the mousse loses a lot of it’s volume, becomes a lot more liquidy and rubs into the skin very smoothly. It leaves your skin feeling really nice – it is certainly not a matte finish, but with glowy skin that feels ever-so-slightly tacky. As it has that glow/tackiness, it would make a really great base for makeup. After it sets down more, it leaves the skin feeling really smooth and silky. I’ve found with some sunscreens that it can feel a bit tingly/prickly and this does not happen with the EVY one. This dries down pretty quickly (probably within 5-10 minutes at the absolute most) and doesn’t leave that wet, sticky feeling where your hair get stuck to your face – thank goodness!

Just a small word of warning – don’t get too pump happy! Don’t hold the pump down for as long as you think you need otherwise you’ll end up with a massive amount of product that will probably go to waste. In an attempt to use it all up, you’ll probably end up looking like some sort of yeti (like me). You can always squirt a little bit more out, but you can’t put it back in! This is the typical less is more approach – build it up bit by bit.

If you are a SPF rookie and still think back the sticky suncream that your mum used to slather all over you, this couldn’t be further from it. It goes on so easily, isn’t sticky at all and dries down really quickly. It doesn’t leave a feeling of oiliness on the skin so is your perfect primer before makeup. This would be a great SPF option for someone who is just adding SPF to their routine or someone who has been scarred by conventional suncream.

Despite lasting 6 hours, I don’t think I would leave it that long before reapplying my suncream, mainly because I’m paranoid and don’t want to risk getting burnt. It would be really interesting to test out the longevity of the protection, but I don’t think it’s worth getting burnt to test it.

Final thoughts?

This is a major win for me! It is one of the nicest feeling SPFs I have tried on my skin and doesn’t leave any tackiness or any silicone-smooth feeling. I wore this out in the sun at the weekend and I felt safe and didn’t get burnt. I got burnt elsewhere on my body that I missed with this (doh!), but this offered me great sun protection in areas that I alllllways burn (shoulders). Because this is a different/fun way of applying suncream, I think it would be great for kids who hate the stickiness of conventional sun protection and will encourage them to apply it more thoroughly and regularly.

You can purchase the EVY range at the EVY website, Selfridges and Space NK (among other places!)


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