How to add a pop of blue to your make-up

Adding a pop of blue into your make-up is a hot new trend this summer!

You may have seen the KKW x Mario palette, which includes a beautiful bright blue. As a part of the launch, all the guests were asked to wear blue somewhere in their make-up. Many of them opted to wear blue all over the lid, which can take some serious guts and is definitely not for everyone. BUT there is a way to add a pop of colour without going too daring.

Eyeshadow on the lash line

Some of the influencers at the KKW x Mario party went for this softer look instead. It’s certainly less of a statement than blue all over the lid, but still offers that beautiful pop of colour to draw attention to the eye. And it’s super easy! My favourite eye shadows for this are from NYX or Makeup Geek.

Take a small domed brush and take a good amount of product. Tap off the excess. Be aware – if there is fall out onto the cheeks, you’ll have to work out how to cover up blue splodges under your eyes! Either do your eyes before your face make up or put some extra powder under your eyes to wipe away once you’ve finished. Bring the colour from the outer corner of your eye in towards the inner corner. Maybe bring it three-quarters of the way in. If you really want to add some drama and dimension, take a darker colour (brown, blue, black) and smoke it out on the outer corner of the eye. What I really like to do is add a lighter turquoise blue from just before the inner corner back into the middle of the lash line to really pop! For this, my favourite colour is Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Mermaid.

This gives you a nice pop of blue to make your make up summer ready!


This is your chance to really make your upper lash line pop! And it looks banging.

I was actually so pleased with how this came out! I am usually so bad at winged liner, but I somehow managed to pull this one off and it’s soooo wearable! Instead of following your upper lashline (which goes down), follow the line of your lower lash line (which goes up) to get a nice wing. Make it as thick or thin as you like. I added this on top of today’s work make up (which has lasted SO WELL, YAAAAS) and the blue really complimented the warm shades already on my eye.

These are just some selfies taken on my phone cause I was feeling myself lol


This one is super easy to do and reminds me of when I was about 12. Bright mascaras are back on the rise, and I am here for it. A friend in the office recently gave me a bright blue mascara she had bought accidentally so I tried it on at work. Everyone gathered around and gave nods of approval about how surprisingly wearable it was. It added a pop of colour without overwhelming the eye or making it look like something out of Avatar.


These ways are much more wearable ways of adding a pop of blue, rather than going crazy with blue shadow on the lid. Let me know what you think!


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Spring time makeup look

I’ve been feeling really inspired by the blossom that’s in bloom everywhere at the moment, and so created this look. It features a pink/coral halo eye with yellow winged liner, rosy pink cheeks and a pinkish coral lip. Scroll down to see how I got this look:

I set the concealer on my lid with a skin tone shadow. I started by applying Chickadee by Makeup Geek to my outer corner and crease before blending it in. I then took this into the inner eyelid, making sure to leave the middle of the lid blank. I then applied Tuscan Sun in the same areas to add a little extra depth and add warmth.


Then taking the NYX Ultimate brights I took the coral-pink shade in the second row with a smaller tapered brush and applied the most pigment to the outer corner and started to blend out and into the crease.


In the area that I left blank, I took some concealer on a flat brush and went over the area and carved out upper part of the lid. Then, I applied Shimma Shimma by Makeup Geek (which is a beige/gold colour) to add some shimmer! To blend the into the rest of the matte shades, I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Strawberry Milk.

For the winged liner, I took the NYX vivid brights liquid eyeliner in yellow and applied a few coats to really build up the colour. To still give the lash line some definition, I applied a black liquid liner close to the lash line. Then I coated my lashes with the Maybelline Temptation mascara.

Lower lash line:
For the lower lash line, I put Chickadee on the inner lash line to the middle of the lash line. I then took Tuscan Sun for the outer crease and blended the two shades together in the middle of the lash line. Then I put the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara on my lower lashes.

I skipped bronzer on my cheeks but applied it around my forehead and on the sides of my face. I went into a Revolution blush palette in Blush GoddessΒ and picked up two shades – a brownish/pink and a bright pink (middle two shadesΒ on the bottom row)Β – and applied the colour most heavily on the apples of the cheeks before sweeping it back.


I applied the NYX lip pencil in Peekaboo Neutral before applying a light layer of Creme Cup by MAC. With my finger, I applied some of the brownish/pink blush colour to warm up the colour of the lips a little more.


I felt very out of my comfort zone doing this look, but I think it actually turned out really well!Β What do you think of this look? Let me know what you think on here or on my Instagram!


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