SJΓ– SKIN Happy Honey Oil Review

If you haven’t heard of SjΓΆ Skin, where have you been!? They’re an amazing skincare brand from Sweden who have become very well known in the beauty community for their amazing Happy Honey Mask. They’re latest launch – the Happy Honey Oil – is only their second launch and has a lot to live up to! After testing it for about a month now, I have some thoughts…

The brand

We need to start by properly introducing the brand – SjΓΆ Skin are an amazing mother daughter duo from Sweden. Their focus is on natural, cruelty free, simple formulas that work. All their products are hand crafted in Sweden and are made in micro batches to ensure freshness. They play a major role in the beauty community on Instagram in spreading positivity, kindness and creating a sense of family. This is super rare in a brand, but their support and kindness certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, at least not with me. Now that we know a little more about the brand, let’s get down to it!


The claimsΒ 

Much like their superstar sister, the Happy Honey Oil offers a whole host of amazing benefits:

  • Moisturises – Squalane gives a shot of intense moisture that rejuvinates the skin and boosts cell regeneration by penetrating deep into the skin
  • Protects – By combining blueberry seed oil with vitamin A (found in rosehip oil), it creates a powerful duo that protects against ageing free radicals and pollution.
  • Brightens – The powerhouse that is rosehip oil, combined with prickly pear oil, work to improve pigmentation and unveil a glowing complexion. Meanwhile, watermelon seed oil depuffs and detoxifies.
  • Calms – Arnebia root soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, while prickly pear oil reduces redness, itchiness and irritation.
  • HealsΒ – The super trio of raw propolis, arnebia root and rosehip reduce scarring and imperfections while arnebia root improves the appearance of fine lines and texture.

A little fun fact – the brand extracts their own arnebia root (what calms and heals the skin) and each batch of it takes 3 months to make! It’s also what gives the oil the pinky colour!


The oil

So now we’ve heard what it claims to do, let’s see whether it delivers!

I’ll start by saying the oil is very light in consistency and feels comfortable on the skin. It’s not too thick and not too thin and sinks in to the skin really nicely. When I first used it, I thought it would sink in very quickly (as it is so thin) and leave my skin tight and wanting more… but it felt great. Sometimes facial oils can be too thick and sticky where they just sit on the skin for a long time, or too thin where they sink in too fast and can leave the skin tight. This sits perfectly in the middle, which would make it a great pick for oil newbies and oil addicts (like me). SjΓΆ Skin claim that the Happy Honey Oil would work on all skin types, and I think they’re 100% correct. The oil is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t block your pores), so if you have oilier skin then you might like to apply a little bit and build up if you like, and if your skin is dry then you can drench yourself in it (like I do). The calming ingredients should make it a good pick for sensitive skin types too, though you might like to try a little bit on a small area before covering your entire face in it.

In my opinion, this is the ultimate multi-tasker oil. Just like the Happy Honey Mask, this delivers on all its promises. My skin is always left feeling nourished when I use this, and like the mask, it has become a product I can rely on to calm my skin when it’s freaking out. I recently tried some new products that left my skin stinging and hot and this was my go-to product to calm it down. It’s difficult for me to measure some of the other benefits the oil claims to have, particularly anything age related as fine lines and wrinkles are not a concern of mine (yet). Also, I can’t say I’ve really noticed any reduction in scars or pigmentation, but as I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog now, it isn’t really a main concern of mine.Β For me, this delivers on everything I want in an oil – it gives an amazing user experience because it feels so good to massage into the face and neck, it moisturises, calms and leaves my skin feeling plump and soft by morning.

IMG_9921The packaging is a simple dropper bottle, but the bottle mouth has a stopper which means if the bottle falls over with the dropper in but not screwed in, there shouldn’t be any spillage. The dropper gives a good amount of product in each squeeze, but I like to go in with two dropper loads. The oil itself is a soft pink colour in the bottle, but is more or less clear when you apply it and is unfragranced. I personally would prefer a little bit of fragrance, but if you’re sensitive to scents then this will probably be a great choice for you.

I have such a big collection of oils that I love and use regularly, and this will definitely be joining them. Since I purchased the oil about a month ago, I haven’t used anything else. A major perk of this oil is that it plays well with others – and by that I mean that I can pair it with pretty much any other product underneath and it doesn’t pill like some of my other favourite oils do. In fact, this is the only oil that can handle being used on top of my Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream without pilling. It really is a miracle oil!

The oil retails for Β£39 and you do have to pay for shipping if your order is under Β£80 at the rate of Β£5.99 for tracked and signed for delivery. It’s a little steep, but it offers more of an incentive to reach the limit! I’d love to try this mixed in with my Happy Honey Mask, but I’m running a little low on my mask and don’t want to run out!

All in all, this oil is a banger. It’s really versatile and really can fit all skin types depending on how it is applied. I’m pretty sure it would address pretty much any skin concern you may have and will give you amazing looking skin by morning. It’s the perfect addition to your pm routine, and if you’ve never thought to use a facial oil before, consider starting with this one.

If you’d like to try out the oil (AND YOU SHOULD), you can get it directly from SjΓΆ Skin.

Have you tried this oil or the Happy Honey Mask from SjΓΆ Skin?


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