Fenty Beauty Butta Biscuit Cream Bronzer Review – Is it pale girl approved?

If you’re a pale girl like me, finding a shade of bronzer to give you a sunkissed glow without looking muddy can be tough. Add in the hit-and-miss nature of cream products, it can make bronzing far more stressful than it needs to be. Will the new Fenty Cream Bronzers be the answer to all our prayers?

Fenty Beauty recently released their Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzers in 7 shades that go from very pale to very deep. This new range compliments their existing powder bronzers and is their first time delving into cream products. Let me start by saying that me and cream products have a difficult relationship. Sometimes we’re best mates and sometimes we don’t talk for a few days. I’m interested to see whether I’ll be able to get the results I want with the cream formula, while also finding the perfect shade match. As a quick reference on how the shade is for my skin tone, I’m an NC15.

Fenty Butta Biscuit Cream Bronzer
Fenty Butta Biscuit Cream Bronzer


Fenty’s Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzers (what a mouthful) come with some pretty hefty claims:

  • Easy to blend
  • Impossible to overdo
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Doesn’t disturb makeup
  • Not sticky or greasy

Keep reading to find out whether it can live up to these claims!


I watched two videos on the Fenty Beauty Youtube and Instagram pages before applying this and the Fenty makeup artists seemed to use brushes, so I did the same. I used a flat topped synthetic brush and tapped a few times in the pan before starting on my temples. I stippled it on to start with to deposit the colour where I wanted it before doing slightly more sweeping motions to blend it in. It goes on very easily and isn’t too pigmented when first applied. It’s really easy to blend without completely blending away the colour like some other cream bronzers I’ve tried. I can sometimes feel quite nervous when it comes to blending, but it was totally stress-free. When I worked my way down to my cheeks, I was amazed how chiseled and sculpted my face looked with such minimal effort. I did go back in to add a touch more where I felt like I needed it and it built up very well with no signs of muddiness. I had a beautiful glow as if I was a beach babe andΒ  I hadn’t even left the house! The formula is perfect – your brush will pick up enough product to give you some definition and a great colour, without making your face feel wet and sticky for hours afterwards. Gone are the days where your hair gets stuck on your wet cheeks – you’re good to go straight away with this one! Most importantly, it didn’t disturb my makeup in the slightest! I hadn’t really expected this to because it’s in a compact rather than a stick, but I’m glad nonetheless. You could definitely use your fingers to apply this, but personally I’m not a fan of applying it this way.

One thing I will say for this is that it would be a perfect introduction to cream products for any beginners to creams or to makeup in general. Often creams can be very difficult to apply or blend when you aren’t used to them and I honestly don’t find every product to be as easy or intuitive as this one. This has honestly been a total game changer for me!

Fenty Butta Biscuit Bronzer and Cool Berry Blush Swatches
Fenty Butta Biscuit Bronzer and Cool Berry Blush Swatches (above swatch; below blended)

The colour

I chose the shade Butta Biscuit because Amber looked SO cool toned (it is actually one of their Match Stix shades but resurrected as a cream). I didn’t want a contour shade, so went for Butta Biscuit which is much warmer, but a touch darker. Depending on how heavy handed you are and how much you want to build it up, this shade will suit many different skin tones. For pale skin, this is a great shade. It has enough warmth without looking orange and really does give a sunkissed look. I consider myself to be very pale and I was able to go in twice without looking muddy or overdone. Anyone with lighter skin than me could use a lighter hand and still achieve a beautiful look.Β 

As you can see, the colour looks pretty natural but definitely noticeable. In real life, it did look more noticeable than on camera (as is often the way with makeup) but I’m not mad about it at all.Β 


One of the main claims is that this bronzer is sweat and water resistance. While I can’t say I went for a run with this bronzer on, I did splash my face with water (and drench myself in the process) and can confirm that it does seem to be water resistant. Is that to say that it will last through pool parties, I can’t be sure – you’ll just have to try that one for yourself. I didn’t notice this migrating or fading as the day went on like some powder products do. The fact that this is a non-sticky formula would suggest that it will last longer as there is less slip and sliding around.Β 


How is it different to other cream products I’ve tried?

  • No wet feeling/stickiness!
  • Not too pigmented off the bat
  • Beautifully buildable
  • Easy to blend (not a chore)

Is it pale girl friendly?

100% yes. I was a bit doubtful when I first opened the compact, but it blended out so well that I will give this the pale gal approval. It is so buildable that you can customise your level of bronze. Did we expect anything else from Rihanna? Every launch she has, she absolutely smashes the shade range and makes sure there is an option for everyone. Honestly I couldn’t be more impressed and I’m actually so excited to apply this again.



If you’re a cream lover, you will ADORE the Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzers. If you’re a cream hater, you will ADORE the Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzers. They’re so user friendly, they are FOOL PROOF. As a newbie to cream products, I think I’m pretty qualified to say that if me, a powder gal, can get along with this no problem then you’ll love it. The formula, the shade, the application – all A+ from me. I really like the Milk Bronzer but this is definitely superior in terms of how easy it is to apply and the overall finished look. Having the product in a compact versus a stick makes it much easier to apply the right amount and alleviates the pressure to blend harsh lines away. I’m actually really excited to use this again – Butta Biscuit, you’re the best.


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