Full (ish) face of Revolution make up

A few weeks ago I purchased a fair amount from Revolution, after it all being sold out in multiple Superdrug stores. Keep reading to see my final look and what I thought of each product!


I bought the Obsession mixer drops (basically highlighter drops), the Revolution Fast BaseΒ  Stick foundation, the Conceal and Define concealer, the I Heart Revolution Surprise in Mermaid, the Freedom brow powder in Blonde and the Revolution Renaissance Illuminate in Radiant in Rose. All this came to Β£32 which is an ABSOLUTE STEAL! I was supposed to receive one of their mystery bags (which I hoped would provide the products to do an entire full face), but they did not include it in my order.

I’m going to run through each product – how much it cost, how it applied and my general thoughts on them.

Obsession mixer in Champagne Glow – Β£8

This looked really gorgeous on the skin when I was swatching it. It gave me serious glowy skin, but it was completely covered by the stick foundation. The next time I use this, I’d definitely use it with a liquid foundation instead so that it’s not as opaque and completely covers the glow. This will probably last a long time as the bottle is pretty big and you only need a small amount for your entire face. Β£8 seems like an okay price for this, but it a little pricier than quite a lot in the Revolution range.

Revolution Fast BaseΒ  Stick foundation – Β£5

To get a stick foundation for Β£5 (or any foundation for Β£5) is pretty amazing! I was unsure of which shade would match me the best, but ended up going for F1 (which I think is the palest) and it was definitely the right shade. It matches me much better than the Make Up Forever stick foundation. I’ve tried this foundation twice now, and the first time I tried it it was an absolute farce. I wore it to work and I’ve mentioned before that I walk to the station, I ride a very hot tube to the office and sit in an air conditioned office all day. This did not last well AT all. It broke up all over my face, particularly on the chin, nose and forehead. I hadn’t applied a massive amount as I hadn’t wanted to look cakey, or to completely lose the dimension in my skin. So I tried it again for this look, and it applied much better. I definitely applied more to my face this time and it looked pretty good. If you were to try and set this, it would take a HELL OF A LOT of powder. I started to set this with my RCMA No Colour Powder in some areas but gave up. As I started to apply more products to my face (blush, highlight), it started to break up a little which was annoying and disappointing. I also noticed it picked up on dry areas I didn’t know I had, mainly at the sides of my eyebrows.Β Lots of people have drawn comparisons between these this and the Make Up Forever stick foundation… However the only comparison is that they are both in a stick form. The Make Up Forever one is much thicker in consistency and doesn’t lose so much coverage when it’s blended out. It doesn’t break up, and you can apply any product you want over the top without worrying that you’ll disturb the foundation underneath. It doesn’t pick up on dry patches or emphasise pores (on me at least). BUT… the Revolution one is Β£5. The Make Up Forever stick is nearly Β£30. If you’re on a budget and looking for a dupe, this is your guy. However, I wouldn’t expect the same level of quality from the Revolution one as you can definitely tell the difference in price between the two. I’ve tested this about 5 times now, and I just really don’t like it. It’s so thick and wet on the skin and it just doesn’t ever set even when you apply a load of powder over it. As soon as I put it on, I want to take it off.

Conceal and Define concealer – Β£4

This is a really nice concealer. The shade (C1) is a great shade for me, as it is midway between a normal concealer shade (that matches the foundation colour) and a highlight shade. It has a slight scent to it that smells quite summery and really pleasant. It goes away once you blend it out. I tried to do a cut crease with this concealer and that didn’t go too well. It was a bit thin and as I was putting it on, I was also taking it off at the same time. So it took quite a few layers to get the opacity I wanted. What’s maybe more disappointing about this is that it ran out SO quickly. The tube is very thick, so you would assume that it would last a long time… NOPE. I barely used this and within a month this had completely run out.Β My go-to concealer (The Collection perfecting concealer) has a much thinner tube, around the same price and lasts me at least triple the time. Really disappointing.

Freedom Duo Brow Powder – Β£2

For Β£2, this is absolutely BRILL! I’ve been looking for a new brow powder as I’m running low on my current one which was from a random brand and the logo has rubbed off the packaging. So when I saw that this was on sale for Β£2, I thought I’d give it a go. It is the exact same colour as my current brow powder and matches my hair colour. It even has a little mirror in the lid! Definitely recommend this one.

I Heart Makeup Surprise Mermaid – Β£5

In each egg, you get 5 shadows and 2 highlighters. I really liked the look of the blue shadows in this, so decided to take the plunge (and it was only Β£5!) I was a bit unsure how pigmented these would be but they aren’t too bad. What I will say is that the shimmer shades tend to clump up when you swirl the brush or your finger in them. I thought initially that maybe I had just swatched it the wrong way, but no matter which way I did it, the same thing happened. When I would swatch other brand’s highlighters/shimmer shades, this would never happen. You can see in the picture below the extent of it.


I actually did an entire look using this egg a few weeks ago and absolutely hated it, so had to redo it. I was kind of nervous how I was going to use the colours together and actually had no idea what I was going to do as I started.

I decided to start with the brighter blue and put it on the outer lid and blend up into the crease. I built it up quite a lot cause I wanted it to be quite bold. Then I added the darker blue on the outer most part of the lid to deepen the colour.

I then decided to be bold… and added the copper colour on the remainder of my lid (inner to middle). It certainly looked bold but was missing something. So mixing the two turquoise shades, I applied it between the blue and the copper to blend the colour out into a nice gradient.

The eyeshadow before applying eyeliner and mascara.

I finished off the eyes with liner, mascara and then mirrored the eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I really liked the way the eyes turned out, especially as I’d been so nervous to create something. The mixture of the copper and turquoise shades made this gorgeous gold colour that made the perfect gradient across my lids.

Revolution Renaissance Illuminate in Radiant in Rose – Β£8

I thought that Β£8 for a blush was pretty expensive, but this looked like a good dupe for some higher end blushes that I had seen. I used the golden highlight instead of the two in the ‘Surprise’ and this looked really nice. It wasn’t as glowy as my Mary Lou-manizer but I’d definitely use it again. Then I swirled all the colours together and applied the blush. These are very pigmented and a little goes a long way! The colour was really flattering on my skin tone. They did take some of the foundation away, but I think that is more about the foundation than this product. I’m going to start incorporating this into my regular make up kit.

Overall I was really pleased how this look turned out. It’s more make up than I would usually wear on my eyes, but I thought it looked really pretty. The products are okay, but it can take a bit of work to get the best out of them. I will be using the brow powder, highlighting drops and the blush palette again. Revolution is a great brand if you are on a budget and trying to build up the make up you have, or if you’re quite new to make up. They have loads of pretty nice palettes that are really affordable, so have a look in Superdrug or on their website. Revolution probably won’t be a brand that I reach for every time to do my make up but I really enjoyed playing around with their products.

Have you tried products from Revolution before? What did you think?


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