Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil Review

I recently got the chance to try out the Noni Glow Face Oil by Kora Organics as a part of Space NK’s N.Dulge loyalty program. The brand is coming to Space NK very soon and I was selected to give it a go ahead of time! I’ve been testing it for a little while now, and I have some thoughts…

The brand

Kora Organics is the skincare brand of model Miranda Kerr. The range is mostly vegan and not tested on animals, but on Miranda herself. I really like the vibe of the brand – from doing some research on their website they use really natural, multi purpose ingredients that are energised with Rose Quartz, which is believed to carry a soothing energy to promote love and acceptance.


The packaging of this is beeeautiful. The bottle is glass and super sleek. However, the best part by far is the fact that the pipette sits very tightly in the opening of the bottle, which means if the bottle is undone and falls over, there is no spillage (I tested it)! If you’re paranoid about spilling your oils or just plain clumsy, there is no need to worry with this one!


‘The Juice’

The Noni Glow Facial Oil contains rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil and pomegranete oil, along with noni fruit extract.

  • Noni fruit when applied to the skin is known to be a great moisturiser and reduce the signs of ageing
  • Sea buckthorn oil contain antioxidants and helps to repair damaged skin, soften the appearance of scars, blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Rosehip oil is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 & 6, vitamins A & C and has anti-inflammatory properties. It softens sun damage, pigmentation, scarring and other environmental influences that can lead to signs of aging. Great for all skin types
  • Pomegranate oil has an abundance of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamin C and improves your skins protective barrier by providing deep moisture. It promotes a more radiant looking appearance while also protecting against environmental aggressors.


The oil itself feels lovely. It is quite light and doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin. It doesn’t sink in straight away but it doesn’t sit on the skin for ages either. Even though the website directs you to apply this before moisturiser, I apply it after. I have mixed it in with a few different moisturisers too and it feels absolutely beautiful when you apply it.


Consumer research on their website report that many people noticed brighter, more even toned, bouncier, less imperfect, healthier looking skin within 4 weeks.Β I haven’t seen any noticeable differences in my skin. I was expecting some visible results, but nothing of the sort happened. Maybe this is because I haven’t been testing it for long enough (I’ve been applying once a day for almost 2 weeks)Β but I would have hoped to have seen increased radiance, which most people saw after 1 week. What I have noticed is that my skin is not as nourished and soft the morning after when compared to my squalane, rosehip and Midnight Recovery oils. More notably, I didn’t get the same glow that Miranda apparently gets the morning after she uses this.

I’m not necessarily disappointed in this oil because the experience of applying it is so positive and my skin feels so good when I do first apply. However, this was not life changing for me. I’m going to continue to use the oil to see if there will be any long term results, but I would consider using this in conjunction with one of my other oils to get softer skin by morning. I would have really liked to wake up with glowy skin, but I can find these sort of results in other products.

You can buy Kora Organics at Space NK NOW!


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How to rock beauty’s latest trend – Yoga Skin

Finally the matte phase is over and the glowy revolution is here! This is the ultimate dewy, glossy skin look that is taking over your Instagram feed. Here is how it started and how you can get the look.

What is Yoga Skin?

Yoga Skin is the ultimate glow-from-within base. It is supposed to give you the appearance of rejuvenated, glowy skin as if you have just come straight out of a yoga class. It’s basically a glowy, dewy look that is supposed to be a more realistic and natural version of glass skin.

How do you get the look?

img_5863_facetune_26-01-2019-21-58-01Sara Hill (@sarahillmakeup), who created the look, says that Yoga Skin is a technique to make ‘the skin look lit’. To create the perfect base, Sara recommends priming with a silicone free primer before mixing 3-4 pumps of a sheer-medium coverage foundation with one drop of your favourite facial oil and one drop of a golden toned liquid highlighter. She then recommends massaging the product into the skin with your hands in order to get the circulation going while relaxing and depuffing your skin. You can then add more layers to build up to your desired coverage. Unlike most other Instagram makeup, Sara recommends spot concealing only in the areas that need it to keep everything looking dewy and natural. Cream blushes and bronzers are the next step before a super light dusting of powder (if any).

Who is Yoga Skin for?

Like everything else in makeup, Yoga Skin is for everyone. There is no trend in makeup that is only for those with a certain skin type. If you suffer from acne, you may prefer to add a little more coverage with your concealer or colour correct with a green corrector before you apply your foundation. It’s also worth noting that highlighter can often accentuate texture, so you may want to play around with the amount of liquid highlighter you add. Otherwise you just have to be a bit strategic with where you place the glow! If you are oily, you may prefer to powder your T-zone to keep the oils at bay. To cater this more to your skin, choose a primer that compliments your skin type. As Sara herself said, if you have really oily skin or don’t like these kind of looks then this might not be the one for you.

How did it go?

The first time I tried this I was a little weary of using SO MUCH foundation. I usually use one pump for my entire face, so I only used 2 pumps rather than the recommended 3-4. I used a full pump of the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops and a few drops of the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. When I mixed this mixture in my hands, it looked so pigmented that I was a bit nervous of how it would look. Overall, I wouldn’t say this looked too different to my usual foundation routine and the coverage wasn’t quite enough. It didn’t stay on my face very well and the coverage was a bit iffy in places.

img_5819On my second attempt I think I was far more successful. This time I did 3 pumps of foundation, 4 of facial oil and 2 pumps of the dew drops (because I wanted to GLOOOOW). Again, when I mixed it in my hands it looked as though I was going to have the most full coverage base and I panicked. I’m not a massive fan of using my hands for my foundation, so after pressing my hands onto my face and blending out slightly I used my Beauty Pie sponge to blend out the rest. I’m really pleased with the end result! I look as though I’ve had 10 hours sleep, went to the best yoga class and had a green shake with my acai bowl – aka healthy and glowy af. In terms of durability, it lasted fairly well, considering it was much more sheer than my usual look but I did notice some considerable breakdown. I usually wear my makeup for a minimum of 12 hours and I noticed that on my cheeks and around my nose especially you could see where it had worn away. So if you’re wanting a long lasting look then this probably isn’t the right one for you. This would be a gorgeous look for pictures or filming or any day where you don’t really have much on but for general day to day life, I don’t think it’s quite durable enough.

Will this become my everyday look?

No, to be quite honest. It’s a lot of effort (and product) to get this amount of glow. By applying an illuminator, followed by foundation and maybe topping up the illuminator on your cheek bones, you can easily duplicate the Yoga Skin look. While this was fun to play around with, I personally am not a massive fan of not powdering my face. I don’t like matte skin, but I also hate the feeling of wet foundation. I love to look glowy and do generally apply the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter every day to my cheek bones. I felt pretty wasteful using 2-3 pumps of foundation when I usually only use 1 and get pretty good coverage off that. That being said, I was really pleased with the overall finish, so maybe I’ll do it again when I next want to take pictures.

Have you tried Yoga Skin? What are your thoughts?


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