All hail the Konjac Sponge!

Have you heard of Konjac sponges? …No? Where have you been!?

These little powerhouse sponges came over to the West in the K beauty takeover and they’e here to stay.Β They are the ultimate cleansing aid for anyone with sensitive skin, acne, or just environmentally conscious. If you’re looking for a cheap, clean way to remove your makeup and give your skin a little exfoliation, then this is your ticket!

When you initially open the sponge in the packet, it will most likely be it’s full size, but be ROCK hard. Once you’ve got it wet and squishy, it’s ready to go! You can remove your makeup in pretty much the same way as a cloth – all you have to do is sweep the sponge across your face in circular motions, rinse off the dirt from the sponge and go in again. They are incredibly gentle on the skin and an absolute must try!

These became my favourite product when I had my acne because I could get a good cleanse, a gentle exfoliation and it would not irritate my extremely sensitive acne. I had a Liz Earle muslin cloth and it was too rough on my cystic acne and actually made it more inflamed and painful. In the search for an alternative, I stumbled across these in Sephora and wanted to give them a go. The improvement was almost instantaneous! My acne would look much calmer, my skin was smoother (still acne, but less dead skin cells) and most importantly, my skin wasn’t sore or stripped.

If you like to use a muslin or cotton cloth to remove your makeup, then you might like to consider trying this instead. At the moment, they are my go-to way to remove makeup. The best part is that these sponges last quite a long time if you look after them well. The average Konjac sponge should last for 2-3 months and should be replaced once it starts to break down. You’ll be able to tell when you need a new one because little rips start to develop on the surface of the sponge, and then it’s time to crack open another one! You can get various different varieties that have green tea, charcoal and chamomile infusions to cater more specifically for different skin types. I’ve tried nearly every type and I can’t say I notice a real difference between them.

Another major plus is that they are much more environmentally friendly than other types of makeup removal aids. Made of vegetable fibers, they’re 100% clean, natural and most importantly biodegradable – all while lasting a hell of a lot longer than single use pads or face cloths that need washing all the time. So if you are environmentally minded, this is definitely one to consider!

You can find these everywhere these days, but my favourite brand is The Konjac Sponge CompanyΒ who are dedicated to using only the finest grade of Konjac that are free of pollutants and microbes. You can find their products at Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.


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