Glossier review

I have wanted to try Glossier since it came to the UK last year but never really got around to trying it. Being on Instagram and being part of the beauty community, you see Glossier absolutely EVERYWHERE. I knew I had to try it ASAP. I’ve had the products for about a month now, and these are my thoughts…

Products I bought:

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • The Balmdotcom in Cherry
  • Cloudpaint in Dusk
  • Lidstar in Cub and Moon

I was literally so excited when my delivery FINALLY arrived! I felt as though it took such a long time to arrive, but I think that’s because I was so looking forward to it. Everything is so Instagramable – The stuff comes in a box that’s pink inside. You get stickers, a little bottle of perfume, a postcard and a bubble wrap bag.


Milky Jelly Cleanser – Β£15
This has been the biggest hit of the lot for me. I had seen so many people say that this was completely amazing and they weren’t wrong. This cleanser is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been using this as my second cleanser after a cleansing balm and it is the perfect product to remove the remnants of my eye make up. I find that one pump is enough to use on my whole face. If I’m using this as a first cleanse, I’d probably use 1 and a half pumps. There is a slight smell to this, but I don’t think that it is fragranced – it just smells authentic. It leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and very clean without feeling tight.Β It is extremely gentle on the skin and is safe to use on the eyes, you can even open your eyes with it on the lashes without any irritation. I feel as though my skin has become softer and smoother since I started using this (and I thought it was pretty good before hand!) I think this is a really reasonable price for a top performing product. All of the cleansing balms I have are much more expensive for far less product.Β I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out (or well before I run out!)

The Balm Dotcom – Β£10
This is a really nice lip balm. Would I usually spend Β£10 on a lip balm? No. I’m very happy with my Palmers Lip Balm (Β£1.50) but I wanted to try it out cause I liked the idea of a natural lip tint that I could wear with a minimal make up look, The first thing I noticed when trying this was how much air came out of the tube before any product came out. I felt as though the tube was pretty deflated by the time anything came out, and when I’m paying Β£10 for a lip balm, I do expect it to be completely full. I got the colour Cherry which is a pinkish-red shade. It stays on the lips for a very long time and gives them a very natural flush. You don’t need very much to cover your lips, which is a major plus. It can leave a little bit of a line under your bottom lip if you apply too much where there is a bit of a build up of product. I’d really like to try the roseΒ shade of this which is a nice neutral pink. I usually find that most lip balms make my lips crave more moisture once they wear off, but this one lasts a really long time and leaves your lips feeling really nice afterwards.


Cloudpaint – Β£15

Everyone online seems to have this and absolutely loves it. I’ve never really used a liquid blush before and I was quite weary of having a thick pink stripe on my cheek. I got the shade ‘dusk’ because it looked most like my usual blush shade. Like the balm dotcom, I had to squeeze the tube a lot before anything came out. As with the lip balm, I was pretty unimpressed with that. In terms of the actual product, you need very little of it for some serious pigment. I started using it with my fingers but found that it was a little hard and time consuming to blend in. So instead now I use a flat topped foundation brush to apply it and I find that it blends much easier and much more evenly. It is a little intimidating putting so much pigment on your cheek to begin with, but it blends out so nicely and just gives your cheeks a natural flush that is still buildable.


Lidstar duo – Β£25

Like everyone else, I had seen the hype around these from the Oscars and was super interested in trying them. I have to say, I had a little trouble getting these to work for me. When I first tried them, I tried them at night over the eyeshadow I had worn all day and had no problem applying it.Β However, when I tried to apply it on fresh make up, it completely removed it. I tried it over freshly applied foundation/concealerΒ and over a nude eyeshadow and both times the product was completely gone underneath and my redder eyelids were exposed. More recently I’ve been wearing it as theΒ only thing on my lid when I’ve been wearing no face makeup andΒ by mixing the two it creates a nice shimmery lid that is reallyΒ subtle. I think I initially expected theseΒ to beΒ dupes of the StilaΒ liquid eyeshadows and was a bit surprised when they didn’t perform that way.

What I really love about Glossier is that it is about enhancing your natural beauty, not about covering your beauty up. I love full coverage make up, but I feel inspired to use these lighter products for a more minimal make up look. I was pretty unlucky in that I placed my order the week before Lash Slick was launched, and I would have loved to try that. I think overall these Glossier products perform really well and really make me feel confident about how I look when I use them.

Have you used any Glossier products? What are your thoughts?

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