Beauty Bay Colour Theory Origin Review

Recently Beauty Bay launched their very own line of makeup. I saw the promotional pictures for the collection and they were really large 42 pan palettes with a pretty nice colour story for each one. My immediate thought was, these are nice but they’re going to be super expensive. OH HOW I WAS WRONG. These bad boys cost Β£25 each, which is an absolute STEAL.

So there are three palettes – Origin, Identity and Evolve.

Identity – Cool toned browns and neutrals with some pops of red/coral/orange
Evolve – Cool toned shades with some pops of teal, cool pink and deep blue.
Origin – Warm toned browns and neutrals with a few pinks and purples.


Looking at these palettes, you might wonder how you would put looks together with so many different shadows, finishes etc. But Beauty Bay are one step ahead! The whole premise of this palette is that they have put together colour combos to create a cohesive look. Along the top of the palette, there are numbers and along the side there is the description of where the shade can be used (crease, highlight, transition etc). You can get wildly different and unique looks by just using the shades vertically, so gone are the days when you sit and stare at a palette wondering how else to use it.

I got the Origin palette as a birthday present from my sister and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I swatched a few of them, the shades were super pigmented! Using them on my eyes with brushes, the pigmentation is so strong and so amazing for Β£25. I was expecting the pigmentation to be a little on the weaker side, so when I first swirled my brush in and applied it, it was waaaaay heavier than I expected! The shades are really beautiful and the pigmentation is really consistent, particularly across the mattes.


Base shades:

Base shades








Pop shades




Most of the shades actually swatched really nicely. A few of the lighter ones were extremely light and difficult to see on my skin (probably because I’m so pale) but when I applied them as a base shade on the lid they showed up well. The second from right of the highlight shades looks white in the pan but has a pink duo chrome. The shade is veeery soft and a few swirls of the pan totally destroyed the ‘B’ pressed into the shadow. There is quite a lot of fall out when you used these with a brush, which for me isn’t so much of a problem for me, but if it’s something that bothers you then just be aware.

The most unique part of the palette is definitely the numbers along the top vs where to put them along the side that helps you create so many looks. I’ve been trying out the vertical looks that they’ve put together, and so far they’ve come out really nicely. What I would say is this could be more of a palette for people that enjoy dramatic, heavier make up looks in the way it is designed, but that is not to say that people who prefer lighter, more neutral looks couldn’t get a lot out of this palette.

Some looks I created:

Look 1


I did this look with the first column, using a pale base shade similar to my skin tone, an orange transition, a deep pinkish red in the crease, a really nice brown as liner (which I don’t tend to do with eyeshadow) before going over the part closest to my lash line with a black liquid liner, a pop of gold on the lid and a matte highlight. I added a bit of shimmer using one of the other highlight shades as I prefer my inner corner to be shimmery rather than matte. This look is quite a bit heavier for me but I was so pleased with how it came out. I think the picture on the right was more of an accurate depiction of how it looked in real life.



Look 2fullsizeoutput_2f0a

I used the fifth column to create a pink look (which was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone). As I was creating this look, it looked absolutely rubbish right until the very end, and then it came together so nicely! I do NOT usually do pink looks on the eye because I find them a bit much, but I would definitely do this look again for a night out. The ‘pop’ shade for this column was a bit bland and was a bit of lack lustre, so I added the rose gold highlight on top to add a bit more depth. There was some serious fall out on my under eyes after using the liner shade and pop shade so I had to wipe off the entire of my under eye base makeup and start aga


I tried to stay away from reviews because I wanted to form my own opinions, but did end up watching Tati’s review on them. She really liked the mattes, but felt like the pops and highlights were a bit lack lustre. But her emphasis on how lack lustre made me think they would be really poor in quality, but I don’t feel like her review was 100% accurate. I thought they were really well pigmented, and while they did have a fair amount of fall out, who actually cares?

I really hope that they bring more of these out cause I want more colours! I am not really a fan of the other colour stories for Evolve and Identity, but it’s really reignited an interest in makeup for me. I was a bit more on the skincare band wagon for a while, but I’m back interested in makeup as we come into autumn and winter – mainly because I’m not sweating off all my makeup within 5 minutes of putting it on anymore!

Basically, if you are a makeup beginner, someone who wants to branch out a bit, or an absolute makeup addict, there is something for absolutely everyone in this palette – it all just depends how you want to use it. If you are a hardcore makeup user, using the vertical method would work really well, but I think if you’re a beginner then just use the shades that appeal to you, unless you want to be adventurous!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these palettes and what your impressions are!


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