Ole Hendriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner – Dry Skin Review

Another month, another treat under 30 quid! We’re back again with Ole Hendriksen to try *the* cult product in the line – the Glow2OH Dark Spot toner. I tried (and failed) to get this when it first launched but it was out of stock for WEEKS. Let’s find out if there is good reason for that!

The claims

IMG_9234This toner claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots in as little as 7 days. Additionally, it promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even out texture in a AHA toner that is gentle enough for everyday use.

I’ve seen a number of influencers sponsored by Ole Hendriksen and their hero product is always this toner. When a post is sponsored it does make you think about whether their love for the product is real or not, so I wanted to find out for myself.

My skin before

I don’t consider myself to be someone that suffers greatly from pigmentation or dark spots. I have light freckles, which I really like, and what I consider to be the remnants of my acne scars on my cheeks. So many people will tell me that they aren’t really there, but there is definitely something left over on my right cheek.Β I’m looking to see if I can even out my skin tone more by reducing the appearance of my ‘acne scars’.

The process

Every night I will moisten a cotton pad and swipe it in circular motions around my face, with extra attention on my cheeks and T-zone. It wouldn’t leave my skin feeling stripped, but it didn’t leave it feeling nourished either.

The results

The main thing I noticed was a big difference in the texture of my skin – and the results were really fast. Now my acne has gone I don’t struggle with visible texture, but when I touch my skin it is definitely smoother. It feels as if I’ve done my DIY babyfacial mask everyday (which I haven’t). However, aside smoother skin I haven’t noticed any differences in the appearance of marks on my face, which I’m pretty disappointed with. I’m sure other influencers that have been talking about this have said about the lightening of acne scars, so I am a bit surprised that I didn’t see any noticeable brightening of mine.

One thing I did notice is that the sides of my mouth and around my nose got a lot drier and there was some discolouration – the corners of my mouth were significantly darker than the rest of my skin and it looked really odd. It often would crack when I would put makeup over it and was clear to see when it wore off throughout the day.Β I had to stop using this toner to try and stop this dryness that was plaguing parts of my face. It claims that it is gentle enough for daily use, but I think maybe the AHA’s were a bit too powerful for my skin to handle everyday. Β I definitely prefer a physical exfoliation rather than a chemical one as I have a lot more control over it and I can avoid overstripping my skin. Whereas with a chemical exfoliation, clearly my skin didn’t respond that well.

If you have concerns over dark spots caused by sun damage I think that this could be a great product for you. However, if you have sensitive skin you might want to approach this one cautiously, or even avoid it all together. I would continue to use this to use it up, but I certainly wouldn’t use it everyday.

If you want to try this out for yourself, you can pick this up at Boots.


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