11 struggles that all pale girls know

If you are as pale as a piece of paper, then you will know the many struggles of a pale girl.


Everything was going well… Until your foundation started to oxidise and you have magicallyΒ transformed into a carrot.

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The flash ghost

After spending hours putting together the perfect look for your night out, it’s time for pictures! You pout, smile, and try to look as cute as possible… but when you look back through the pictures, you’re not actually there… instead Casper the friendly ghost is in your place. This is an unfortunate fate that has befallen me many a time (see below). I’m starting to question whether I do even have a nose seeing as I can never seem to find it in photos?



Chances are, if a foundation or concealer is called ivory, you can bet that it isn’t.

The neck/face divide

We’ve all done it. Applied the most beautiful face of makeup… and not taken it down the neck. The pasty white vertical wasteland has once again given away that we do not in fact have perfectΒ ‘ivory’ skin. This isn’t just a pale girl problem, but it particularly stark when you’re white AF and your face actually has colour.

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The many joys of shade matching
Everyone has that foundation that they got shade matched for in store by a sales assistant that has ended up being 3 shades too dark. Whether it’s the lighting at the time or whether it’s your ‘summer colour’ (doesn’t exist for me lol), something has gone terribly wrong here. It leaves you feeling rubbish that you spend money on the wrong colour (AGAIN) and leaves you looking like an Oompa Loompa.

50 shades of beige

Living in the UK, pale people are hardly mystical creatures that only come out when there is a full moon. There are plenty of fair guys and girls that will also struggle to find a decent shade among the 50 shades of beige. For years when I was younger, I didn’t wear foundation because I simply couldn’t find a shade light enough. I used to apply moisturiser to my face, and before it dried down I would use a Natural Collection (yes that still exists) that was suuuuper pale and apply it where I needed and blended it into the semi wet moisturiser. I did this until I was 19. Where I lived, I didn’t have access to higher end makeup and could only purchase ‘drugstore’ makeup. Maybelline, L’Oreal and all that lot did not cater for my skin colour. And to an extent they still don’t.

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Pink undertones

As someone who has very pink skin, I do NOT want to be putting cool toned foundation on my skin. While I can’t speak for everyone, who the hell would want to emphasise the pinkness of their skin!?

Muddy products

I remember looking for a bronzer when I was 20 in a department store. I had wanted to go to MAC, but the people in there had ignored me for 10 minutes so I wandered over to Bare Minerals. The lady convinced me that this bronzer was great, it looked good on me and like a total sucker (who knew nothing about bronzing at the time), I bought it. All jokes aside, the bronzer was dark orange. It made me look absolutely ridiculous. I did not, as I hoped I would, look like a naturally bronzed goddess… but rather a poor creature that had rubbed pollen on my face (Y’know when lillies have those big, powdery orange things that stick out the middle – that was the colour of my face).

A high end problem

It was not until I started shopping in department stores and exploring higher end makeup that I could actually find a shade that nearly matches my skin tone. Of all my foundations (7 in total), 4 of them are high end. I don’t even bother going to L’Oreal and Maybelline because I just do not believe that they have my shade. However, with the higher end brands they actually cater for the people that fall either side of beige and caramel.

Going beyond the pale

This has only happened to me once, but it is possible to overestimate your paleness. I tried to shade match myself to the Nars Creamy Radiant concealer and I assumed that I would be the lightest shade, because I am so used to buying the lightest shade. I looked like I was devoid of life. Lesson – do it in person, don’t try and shade match over the internet or you’ll look like Edward Cullen.

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(Fake) tan season

As summer approaches, so does tan comparison season. The epic tan comparison competition is one that I have gracefully bowed out of now I have realised that my sunburnt legs (funnily enough) aren’t going to win. Throwing it back to secondary school, I remember in PE the girls would always compare the colour of their fake tanned legs in summer. Even when I did do mine, I always lost. Avoid a fake tan disaster and stay a pale gal.

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Are you a pale girl? Do you have any more struggles to share? Comment below!


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Products I always repurchase

There are certain products that I absolutely cannot be without and repurchase as
soon as they start to run low.

These are the products that I always repurchase:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Β£4.19

This concealer is super cheap and gives such full coverage! The shadeΒ Fair (01) usually matches my foundation colour and gives me any extra coverage I need. I’ve heard that some people have found this drying, but for me this is dry skin approved! It never picks up on dry patches and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and even. They’re recently launched a new shade Extra Fair (0) which is a great shade for me to highlight with. If you’re super fair too, this will be a great shade for you. This concealer doesn’t dry down too quickly, so gives you a good amount of play time. Since buying this, I haven’t even bothered trying any others – whether affordable or high-end.

I think this picture below speaks for itself!

img_9155.jpgMaybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe – Β£6.99

Tantalizing Taupe is my go-to nude lipstick shade. These lipsticks are just perfect. They’re really affordable, offer a massive shade range and feel great on the lips. Tantalizing Taupe is a great nude for pale skin. Without a lip liner, I think it would even be too pale for me. But with one, it’s stuuuuuuuunning. I also mix it a lot with other shades to create hybrid shades. I keep accidentally losing them, so I buy more, then find them all, so I’m pretty well stocked up on this!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Β£19.50

I saw a lot of beauty influencers talking about this on Youtube aboutΒ 2 years ago and decided I had to try it out.Β Despite the hefty price tag, this mascara gives me the length and the thickness that I want and is totally worth the splurge in my opinion. You don’t even need to curl your lashes for it to give them a good curl! As soon as I feel the formula getting a little bit dry, I buy a replacementΒ straight away!

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick – Β£17.50

I have never actually come to the end of this lipstick before, but I do seem to lose them a lot. I often take this on a night out with me (mistake lol) and lose it. But it’s one of my favourite lipsticks I own and just have to replace it. It is quite a brown-nude, so I usually combine it with a more pinkish-nude to create a hybrid. Despite it being a matte lipstick, it is comfortable on the lips and still has a slight sheen to it. It is nice and pigmented with just one swipe.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – Β£15

For a long time, my lower lash mascara would transfer onto my under eye, ruining my make up. I did some research into the best bottom lash mascaras and found this gem! I have not had this problem since! It’s a shame how little product you get with this product, but I don’t dare try another mascara for fear the same problem will happen again. My lashes are never clumpy or spider looking so I’m happy!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown – Β£8

This shade matches my hair colour perfectly. I really like how thin this pencil is and it allows me to get a nice sharp line, but also lets me do create realistic brow hairs. I’ve tried more expensive brow pencils that haven’t performed as well, so why would I stray from one I love!?


MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage – Β£22.50

This was the first primer I ever bought, and was actually in the first high end beauty purchase that I ever made. It’s super soft on my skin and makes it feel really moisturised and smooth before I apply my foundation. One bottle of this lasts a really long time, so I don’t mind paying this much when I’m so pleased with the results. Also, if you purchase from MAC online, they quite often send a sample size of this with your order.

What are your products you always repurchase? Leave a comment here or on my insta! If you try any of these, let me know what you think!


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Tested: The Ordinary Coverage foundation

The Ordinary is HUGE right now!

Their amazingly skincare line is suuuuuperΒ affordable and gives you the results of a product 5 times the price. At Β£5.90, this is the cheapest foundation I’ve ever bought, so I thought I would test it out.

The ordinary foundation

If you are someone who is conscious about the brands you use, The Ordinary does not test on animals and this foundation is vegan.Β  It’s also worth mentioning that this product is also free of soy, gluten, oil, alcohol and nut free. SPF 15 is included. I’m not sure whether all of their products is free from all of these, but you can check on their website.

When I saw they had come out with two foundations (the Coverage and Serum foundations) I was a little sceptical, despite being a brand super fan. I’m not used to finding my shade in more affordable foundations and thought the shades wouldn’t be pale enough more my skin. There is a fairly wide shade and tone range for a foundation that is new to the market. According to their website, there are 3 numbered shade categories: 1 for fair to light tones, 2 for medium tones and 3 for darker tones. The second digit from 0-3 indicates the depth within each category. Then the letter indicates the undertone: P (Pink), R (Red), N (Neutral) and Y (Yellow).

img_9116It looks quite a bit darker than my skin tone here, and also pulls much warmer.

I bought the lightest shade there isΒ – 1.0 N (for very fair skin according to their website) it’s a pretty good match for my skin when blended in. In the picture above, it looks slightly darker/more orangeΒ than my ideal shade, but it’s certainly workable when used with lighter concealers. It does howeverΒ pull much warmer than I would expect from a ‘neutral’ shade, but for me that’s no issue as I like more yellow foundations to balance out the redness in my skin. I wouldn’t necessarilyΒ say this foundation is for those with ‘very fair skin’. I am certainly not paper white and this is darker than my ideal shade, so there is room to expand the shade range to fit paler people.

Despite it being the more full coverage of the two foundations (the other being the Serum foundation which is a light coverage), it’s not what I would call ‘full coverage’ at all. It’s more of a medium/buildable coverage that gives you a ‘your skin but better‘ kind of look. To get the most coverage out of it, blending in with a brush was better than with a sponge. A sponge gave a more natural coverage, which was more similar to the Serum foundation. I set this with powder and went on my merry way.

Certain products I would usually use didn’t work with this foundation. I love to use the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Trippin’ for blush, but this just took the foundation straight off my cheek, even though I don’t apply the stick straight to the skin. I warm up the product first, and then apply it with my fingers, starting at the apple and moving it backwards towards the ear. So keep it to powder products when using this.

This foundation is definitely dry skin friendly. I have been struggling with a few dry patches around my mouth, which it didn’t highlight, and it didn’t look super dry when powder was applied.

Β Β Β Β Β  In a rush to leave the house but skin is looking good xo

If you’re going to have a fairly lazy day, then this foundation will stay pretty well. However, if you plan on being a bit more active, it will break down. I’ve tested this for aboutΒ two weeks, and it will be one of the foundations I wear regularly. However,Β I’m really not sure how great this is for long wear. I’ve worn this to work (at least 12 hours of wear)Β and the break up around my mouth is pretty bad. I walk to and from the station and get a really hot tube to work and it does break down when you get a little bit sweaty. I was basically wearing no foundation between my nose and mouth by 10am. I’m not really someone who brings their make upΒ bag wherever they go, but I do touch up my face with a concealer pen throughout the day if it’s looking a bitΒ sad. IΒ had to touch it up every time I wear it or else I look likeΒ I have a little red moustache.Β It is important to emphasise that it was only between my nose and mouth where I noticed breakdown. My cheeks and forehead stayed perfect throughout the day, which is a major plus. Also, I’ve tested my commute out on my more expensive foundations too and my Nars Sheer Glow and Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation haven’t survived it either. So really, the fact that it breaks down is totally normal.

I’m not going to stop wearing this foundation because of the break down. It’s a great price and gives a lovely dewy finish.Β For the price that it’s at, you really can’t go wrong.Β I’d much rather wear a cheaper foundation for my day-to-day make up and save my nicer, more expensive foundations for best or when I’m not sweating it out on the tube. If they have your shade, I’d definitely give this a go. For Β£5.90, why wouldn’t you!? Good luck finding it though, it’s sold out eeeverywhere. If you can, get yourself to a Deceim store (I got mine from the Spitalfields store in London) and you can get colour matched there. If you’re feeling brave enough to guess your shade, check out ASOS, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay or go straight to theordinary.com.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know your thoughts!


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