I Dew Care Vitamin C Review

Vitamin C is an ingredient that everyone should have in their skincare routine, and it couldn’t be any easier to add in with an array of fun new Vitamin C products from I Dew Care!

I Dew Care are a K Beauty inspired brand that works out of the US. They exude positive vibes and just feel really cheeky and fun! They were kind enough to send over 2 products from their new Vitamin C line – The Bright Side Up serum and the Saw You Dew moisturiser. Their new collection is really vast – it contains a mist, serum, moisturiser, cleansing balm, lip oil and lip mask.


Right off the bat, the packaging for these products is absolutely gorgeous – the bright, nearly neon colour scheme that is present throughout the entire Vitamin C range is perfect for products that brighten your complexion! All the products that have lids also have this cheeky winking smiley which is also the initials for I Dew Care!Β img_5212_facetune_06-09-2019-22-36-54

Bright Side Up Serum – 30ml – $25.00

img_5924_facetune_29-09-2019-14-58-01This Vitamin C serum is a 30ml bottle of pinky-red goodness – it includes grapefruit extract to reduce the visible signs of ageing, even skin tone and boost radiance. It also contains vitamins E and B5 to condition the skin, relieve dryness and increase hydration.Β It has a soft scent that smells quite fruity, which I guess is the grapefruit! The consistency is described on their site as a ‘jelly serum’ and I can totally understand why. It isn’t one of those annoying serums that runs between your fingers when you squirt it from the dropper. It is certainly a liquid, but it does have a thickness. It’s almost gel-like but a touch thinner whereby it stays put when you apply it to your hand. When applied to the face, it feels really hydrating, spreads very easily and leaves no feeling of tackiness. There is no tingling sensation afterwards and it sinks into the skin very quickly.


In my bottle, the dropper isn’t the best and it takes a few squeezes to get an amount to cover the entire face. I’m not sure whether that is because I have a dodgy dropper or whether the consistency of the serum is a touch too thick for the dropper, but either way I’m happy to just keep at it until I have the amount I want.

Most importantly, it hasn’t caused my skin to break out. In fact, when my skin broke out while testing another product, I feel like it was this product that helped to calm it down. I can’t really say that I’ve noticed my skin looking any brighter (mainly because I rush through my morning skincare routine as fast as I can to move on to makeup), but I can feel that my skin feels soft and smooth after use and it doesn’t feel tight.

It’s probably my favourite vitamin C serum that I’ve tried – the non-sticky texture, the lovely smell and how it leaves my skin feeling after I’ve applied this makes it an absolute winner in my eyes!

Saw You Dew Moisturiser – 50ml – $29.00


Okay, so I nearly died when I opened this moisturiser – that is no exaggeration (lol of course it’s an exaggeration – can you imagine? Death by moisturiser). Anyway, I have never seen a texture so beautiful in my entire life, and that one is no exaggeration. When you first open this up, it is like WATER. Basically, this moisturiser is a water-like gel on top of a cream. A really cute spatula comes with this for you to mix it all together before applying it to your skin. It is a little bit heartbreaking to mix it together and lose the amazing gel, but the texture post-mixing is lovely too. It becomes a lot more like a traditional cream moisturiser, but is still very light (below). It contains lemon extract and vitamin C to lessen the skin imperfections and signs of ageing while also boosting radiance and protecting from environmental aggressors.


The formula is very thin – it would be a great moisturiser for summer, oilier skin and as morning moisturiser. I have dry skin and this still sets me up perfectly for the day. It sinks in quite quickly and doesn’t leave a feeling of heaviness or greasiness on the skin. Like the serum, it does have a slight scent that smells a little bit like lemon but it is really pleasant and isn’t too noticeable. A little bit goes a long way so you don’t have to pile this on to get the result you’re after.

I have absolutely loved testing these products out! I was so excited when the brand reached out to me – they have a really positive, colourful, fun vibe that definitely translates into their products. If you’re looking for budget-to-mid range vitamin C products then this is definitely a brand you should consider. You can find I Dew Care at Memebox or at Ulta if you’re in the US.

Remember, if you’re using vitamin C product, please always apply a good SPF!


*Both items gifted from I Dew Care

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50 Self-Care Tips For You to Try

Practicing self-care is one of the most important things to maintaining our overall wellbeing. In the beauty space, often self-care is just applying a face mask or having a bath, but it can be so much more than that. So here are 50 self-care ideas for you to try that will care for every aspect of your wellbeing:

  1. Reread one of your favourite books
  2. Moisturise your body
  3. Do your favourite face mask
  4. Take some extra time to do your skincare, massaging each product in slowly
  5. Read a book that feeds your soul
  6. Burn your favourite candle
  7. Cook a nice meal with your other half/friends
  8. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and play it while you relax
  9. Binge watch an addictive TV show on Netflix
  10. Enjoy a glass of wine/drink of your choice
  11. Persuade your other half to give you a massage
  12. Treat yourself to some chocolate (eat it a square at the time and experience the burst of sugar across your tongue)
  13. Go for a run/an exercise class and feel that endorphin rush!
  14. Meet up with your best friends for catch up and a laugh
  15. Paint your nails with a colour that makes you feel powerful
  16. Sit in a quiet place for 5 minutes, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth
  17. Put on an outfit that you feel confident in
  18. Go for a walk outside
  19. Get snuggled up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea
  20. Put a Disney film on
  21. Have a few kind words with yourself (e.g. you’re doing great; you are a strong, confident women; your strength and determination is what makes your special)
  22. Have a nice long bath and pretend to be a mermaid
  23. Take some time to reorient yourself and consider your goals and what you want to work towards.
  24. Think of 5 things you’re happy with in your life right now
  25. Spend some time with your family – whether it’s via phone call, FaceTime or in person – make the time.
  26. Have a duvet day where you stay in your PJs and spend all day watching films on the sofa
  27. Wake up early in the morning and appreciate the world while it’s still quiet
  28. Read a self help book that will help tackle something you’re working on at the moment
  29. Brush your hair and appreciate how gorgeous your length/texture is
  30. Get creative in whatever form that takes for you (photography, painting, colouring, music making)
  31. Write down one thing that made you feel good every day. Whenever you have a bad day, read through what you’ve written to remind yourself that not every day is like this.
  32. Change your bedsheets and enjoy going to bed in clean, crisp sheets.
  33. Reorganise your wardrobe/beauty stash.
  34. The next time it rains, listen to the sound of the rain and watch it fall and feel the wave of calm it brings.
  35. Use a shower gel or body scrub that smells so good that you go ‘ahhhh’ every time you use it.
  36. Limit your time on social media
  37. Let yourself sleep in at least once on the weekend
  38. Go for a walk during your lunch break – get away from your desk and all of work’s stresses, even if it is just for half an hour. If you’re sat all day, it’s important to get moving when you have the chance.
  39. Try that new recipe you’ve been meaning to do for ages.
  40. Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel sad, angry or stressed. Instead, fill them with positivity and things that make you feel happy.
  41. Spend some time with animals – they’re great to boost your mood! If you don’t have a pet, you can go to a dog/cat cafe or visit borrowmydoggy.com.
  42. Print off pictures of you and loved ones regularly, don’t just keep them on your phone.
  43. Dig out some old games that you used to play as a child and play them for hours!
  44. Spray a perfume you haven’t used in a while and be transported back to all the memories that you associate with that scent
  45. Stop saying yes to everything!
  46. Work on your work-life balance – you should work to live, not the other way round.
  47. Start putting yourself first. Maybe not all the time, but remember that you’re a priority too.
  48. Brush your teeth really well, and feel how smooth and clean your teeth and mouth feel afterwards
  49. Explore a new place for the day
  50. Try to shift your mindset – instead of finding the negative in everything, seek out the positive and give people the benefit of the doubt.

I tried to include very few options that required spending money, because taking care of yourself shouldn’t be linked to how much money you have. Quite a few of these ideas are very simple, but involve taking a tad more time than we would assign to them on a normal day. You can find self-care in the mundane daily tasks, but it’s up to you and how much time you have whether you can get something out of them.

If you have any others that you enjoy doing that I missed off, please leave them in a comment!


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The Best Affordable Brands for Each Makeup Step

The high end often takes the spotlight when it comes to makeup, but it’s important to remember that the drugstore also releases some amazing products. Just like the high end, not everything is a hit, so I’ve broken down my favourite affordable products for each step of your makeup routine!


Finding your shade can be a little bit difficult in ‘drugstore*’ brands, especially if you fall at either end of the spectrum. If you find yourself in this category, your best bet brand-wise will probably be NYX. Their recent Can’t Stop Won’t Stop range was a collaboration with Youtuber Alyssa Ashley and was formulated with POC in mind. Makeup Revolution also offer a pretty good shade range. If you’re looking for something a little less matte and a little more dry skin friendly, consider Bourjois – their Healthy Mix foundation, or even the serum version (even more dry skin friendly) are both great options.


The Maybelline concealers are great – the age rewind one is great if you don’t mind concealers with a sponge – and likewise their Fit Me range is great (even though the shade order is a bit messed up). My personal favourite and go-to for many years now is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It’s full coverage and blends out beautifully.


For me, there is only one contender here – NYX! Their Microbrow pencil is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer and there is a pretty wide shade range. Their clear brow gel is another absolute winner – who needs high end!?


You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to blush from the drugstore. Brands like Milani, Kiko, NYX, Bourjois… the list is endless! The pigment is really close to more expensive products but just at a fraction of the price!


This one is a little harder, but Sleek and MUA tend to do pretty good highlighters. These are brands that are pretty widely available in Superdrug here in the UK and are really cost effective.


Affordable eyeshadow can be a little hard to find. I don’t find that the traditional ‘drugstore’ brands (L’Oreal, Maybelline etc.) offer much in terms of good, pigmented eyeshadow. Brands that I have decent luck with are Makeup Geek (their singles are fab, but they’re about to relaunch the brand and half their stock is sold out everywhere), Colourpop and NYX. NYX is easily the most accessible of the 3 brands and offer a great assortment of colours at a really reasonable price point. The Colourpop shadows do have a lot of fall out in the pan, but I personally don’t find that to be the end of the world.


When it comes to affordable mascara, I am team Maybelline all the way. I was a Maybelline girl since I started wearing makeup until I started wearing Benefit Roller Lash a few years back, but Maybellina hands down makes the best drugstore mascaras on the market. I never found L’Oreal to be as lengthening and voluminising in one, plus they were always that bit more pricey.


Hands down Sleek. Their white eyeliner was a staple in my makeup kit for yeeeeears for my lower water line and it would. not. budge. They are lovely creamy formula and last for a really long time! I’m not sure they have a massive array of colours, but for the basics there is none better!


For lip liners, NYX are very good and offer a great shade range. When it comes to lipstick, there is only one winner for me – Maybelline! Their colour sensational range is SENSATIONAL – there is an amazing range of shades and finishes and they come at such an affordable price point that honestly there is no beating it. Two of my favourites are nude shades 725 Tantalising Taupe and 630 Velvet Beige (pictured above). If you’re a nude fan like me, you need these in your life!

You may notice that there are some steps that are missing – that is because I haven’t found products that I like enough to recommend. I find primers to be a bit hit and miss, bronzers in the drugstore are a mess and setting sprays aren’t that widely available and the ones that are miss the mark.

Let me know what your favourite drugstore products are!


* I hate the term ‘drugstore’ because we don’t call those brands that here in the UK, but we don’t have a word for it, so I’ll use the American term.

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The Lip Care Products You Need

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the only lip care products you will ever need to banish dry, flaky lips and keep those lips looking luscious! These products are a mixture of old and new faves, with some of these helping me through my crazy Roaccutane lips.

Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm – Palmers

This is the your new everyday lip balm – hands down. It’s under Β£2 and is the most moisturising lip balm I’ve ever tried. It glides on smoothly and is very light on the lips. While I was on Roaccutane, my lips were so painfully dry and peeling that I was hunting high and low for a saviour product. After trying tried SO many, both high and low end, this was the only lip balm that could keep my lips looking as though nothing had changed and kept them feeling moisturised. Looking back, I don’t think I could have got through my time on it had I not found this lip balm.

Nu Lips – Nurse Jamie

nur007_nursejamie_nulipsrxmoisturisinglipbalmlipbrush_2_1560x1960-647gyThis was really expensive but it was 100% worth it. I had tried so many lip scrubs to get rid of the ridiculous amount of dead skin on my lips and they all barely worked and left my lips feeling really sore and sensitive. The little tool that comes with balm this was a LIFE SAVER! All you have to do is wet the tool and your lips and just move the tool around in circular motions. ALL the dead skin gets exfoliated away really gently. After the tool, I’d apply the lip balm just before bed and I’d wake up with the most amazing feeling lips. I would say that this lip balm was more long lasting than the Palmers one but as it was so expensive, I would only put it on at night. I would recommend this to ANYONE that either really struggles with dry lips in general or is struggling with peeling lips as a result of medication.

Acai and Mango Lip Scrub – Herbal Dynamics

9aac5620-b8f1-4a16-b692-1365e67eaff4If you are a fan of a lip scrub, this is one of the best you’ll find. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to the Lush ones. Lush lip scrubs are very grainy and when you pick them up on your finger, it’s like picking up powder or sugar because it all falls away. This still has the graininess needed to give you a great exfoliation but it’s in a thick balm (the word I want to use is goop, but in the best possible way) to make sure that the lips stay hydrated and aren’t dried out by the exfoliation process. It’s packed full of nut oils and cocoa butter to make sure that your lips look and feel great afterwards! If your lips are a bit more on the sensitive side, this might not be the one for you.

Coconut Lip Balm – Wow You Beauty

img_7743This is an AWESOME lip balm! This is the first new lip balm I’ve used in 2 years and it’s just a joy. It is long lasting and gives instant relief to dried out lips. It’s in the cutest packaging too which is a plus! When you first open the macaroon shaped packaging, the balm is pressed so hard that it’s quite difficult to pick up any product just by swirling your finger round. Instead I had to dig in a little bit which doesn’t look as pretty, but it’s worth it!


I hope you enjoyed my lipcare picks! What are your holy grail lip products?


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4 dry-skin friendly moisturisers that pack a punch

Moisturisers that really nourish dry skin can be a little hard to find sometimes. We can often get tricked into thinking that a moisturiser is great when you first apply it, only to find that your skin then feels tight and in desperate need of a drink. Keep reading to discover a few I’ve found that really pack a punch!

Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream

This guy is the man you call in when you’re in serious need of some moisture. Ceramidin cream is formulated for those with very dry skin and is a fabulously thick moisturiser that feels absolutely amazing on the skin. For a cream so thick, it doesn’t sit on top of the skin for ages either, which is a real plus. This is easily the most moisturising of the 4 and is perfect for winter or dealing with outbreaks of very dry skin.

Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion

The Jeju moisturiser is amazing as a night time moisturiser. If the Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream is a bit too thick (or you want to layer products), then you need this in your life. The consistency is a very solid moisturiser – it is almost balm like in that you have to pull some away on your finger, but once you massage it on to your skin, it melts away to a normal moisturiser.

Clinique Pep Start Hydrorush SPF 20

I recently rediscovered this moisturiser and it made me question how I ever put it down. The SPF version of the Hydrorush moisturiser is an fabulous daytime moisturiser that will quench your skin’s thirst for moisture while also providing a little bit of sun protection too. It is a really rich texture that doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin and sinks in really quickly. It has an SPF smell which I personally love because it smells like holidays! This one is really accessible as you can find Clinique all over the place and it’s pretty affordable at Β£25. The tub will last you absolutely ages and will become a firm fave!

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Supreme Cream

This is my favourite morning moisturiser. It’s silky smooth (almost silicone like – it does contain dimethicone) and more of a gel consistency. It sinks in really quickly, which is just perfect for quick morning application and leaves the skin looking great for makeup wear. This is also a really great summer moisturiser for daytime and nighttime because it is light on the skin but still delivers on moisture.

I’m aware that the Beauty Pie moisturisers aren’t the most accessible but I’m coming to the bottom of BOTH at the same time and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! These four are always in rotation and ones that I would repurchase in a heartbeat. None of them leave my skin feeling tight and they are great go-to products!

Have you found any other dry-skin moisturisers that you can’t be without?


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