50 Self-Care Tips For You to Try

Practicing self-care is one of the most important things to maintaining our overall wellbeing. In the beauty space, often self-care is just applying a face mask or having a bath, but it can be so much more than that. So here are 50 self-care ideas for you to try that will care for every aspect of your wellbeing:

  1. Reread one of your favourite books
  2. Moisturise your body
  3. Do your favourite face mask
  4. Take some extra time to do your skincare, massaging each product in slowly
  5. Read a book that feeds your soul
  6. Burn your favourite candle
  7. Cook a nice meal with your other half/friends
  8. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and play it while you relax
  9. Binge watch an addictive TV show on Netflix
  10. Enjoy a glass of wine/drink of your choice
  11. Persuade your other half to give you a massage
  12. Treat yourself to some chocolate (eat it a square at the time and experience the burst of sugar across your tongue)
  13. Go for a run/an exercise class and feel that endorphin rush!
  14. Meet up with your best friends for catch up and a laugh
  15. Paint your nails with a colour that makes you feel powerful
  16. Sit in a quiet place for 5 minutes, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth
  17. Put on an outfit that you feel confident in
  18. Go for a walk outside
  19. Get snuggled up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea
  20. Put a Disney film on
  21. Have a few kind words with yourself (e.g. you’re doing great; you are a strong, confident women; your strength and determination is what makes your special)
  22. Have a nice long bath and pretend to be a mermaid
  23. Take some time to reorient yourself and consider your goals and what you want to work towards.
  24. Think of 5 things you’re happy with in your life right now
  25. Spend some time with your family – whether it’s via phone call, FaceTime or in person – make the time.
  26. Have a duvet day where you stay in your PJs and spend all day watching films on the sofa
  27. Wake up early in the morning and appreciate the world while it’s still quiet
  28. Read a self help book that will help tackle something you’re working on at the moment
  29. Brush your hair and appreciate how gorgeous your length/texture is
  30. Get creative in whatever form that takes for you (photography, painting, colouring, music making)
  31. Write down one thing that made you feel good every day. Whenever you have a bad day, read through what you’ve written to remind yourself that not every day is like this.
  32. Change your bedsheets and enjoy going to bed in clean, crisp sheets.
  33. Reorganise your wardrobe/beauty stash.
  34. The next time it rains, listen to the sound of the rain and watch it fall and feel the wave of calm it brings.
  35. Use a shower gel or body scrub that smells so good that you go ‘ahhhh’ every time you use it.
  36. Limit your time on social media
  37. Let yourself sleep in at least once on the weekend
  38. Go for a walk during your lunch break – get away from your desk and all of work’s stresses, even if it is just for half an hour. If you’re sat all day, it’s important to get moving when you have the chance.
  39. Try that new recipe you’ve been meaning to do for ages.
  40. Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel sad, angry or stressed. Instead, fill them with positivity and things that make you feel happy.
  41. Spend some time with animals – they’re great to boost your mood! If you don’t have a pet, you can go to a dog/cat cafe or visit borrowmydoggy.com.
  42. Print off pictures of you and loved ones regularly, don’t just keep them on your phone.
  43. Dig out some old games that you used to play as a child and play them for hours!
  44. Spray a perfume you haven’t used in a while and be transported back to all the memories that you associate with that scent
  45. Stop saying yes to everything!
  46. Work on your work-life balance – you should work to live, not the other way round.
  47. Start putting yourself first. Maybe not all the time, but remember that you’re a priority too.
  48. Brush your teeth really well, and feel how smooth and clean your teeth and mouth feel afterwards
  49. Explore a new place for the day
  50. Try to shift your mindset – instead of finding the negative in everything, seek out the positive and give people the benefit of the doubt.

I tried to include very few options that required spending money, because taking care of yourself shouldn’t be linked to how much money you have. Quite a few of these ideas are very simple, but involve taking a tad more time than we would assign to them on a normal day. You can find self-care in the mundane daily tasks, but it’s up to you and how much time you have whether you can get something out of them.

If you have any others that you enjoy doing that I missed off, please leave them in a comment!


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