The Lip Care Products You Need

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the only lip care products you will ever need to banish dry, flaky lips and keep those lips looking luscious! These products are a mixture of old and new faves, with some of these helping me through my crazy Roaccutane lips.

Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm – Palmers

This is the your new everyday lip balm – hands down. It’s under Β£2 and is the most moisturising lip balm I’ve ever tried. It glides on smoothly and is very light on the lips. While I was on Roaccutane, my lips were so painfully dry and peeling that I was hunting high and low for a saviour product. After trying tried SO many, both high and low end, this was the only lip balm that could keep my lips looking as though nothing had changed and kept them feeling moisturised. Looking back, I don’t think I could have got through my time on it had I not found this lip balm.

Nu Lips – Nurse Jamie

nur007_nursejamie_nulipsrxmoisturisinglipbalmlipbrush_2_1560x1960-647gyThis was really expensive but it was 100% worth it. I had tried so many lip scrubs to get rid of the ridiculous amount of dead skin on my lips and they all barely worked and left my lips feeling really sore and sensitive. The little tool that comes with balm this was a LIFE SAVER! All you have to do is wet the tool and your lips and just move the tool around in circular motions. ALL the dead skin gets exfoliated away really gently. After the tool, I’d apply the lip balm just before bed and I’d wake up with the most amazing feeling lips. I would say that this lip balm was more long lasting than the Palmers one but as it was so expensive, I would only put it on at night. I would recommend this to ANYONE that either really struggles with dry lips in general or is struggling with peeling lips as a result of medication.

Acai and Mango Lip Scrub – Herbal Dynamics

9aac5620-b8f1-4a16-b692-1365e67eaff4If you are a fan of a lip scrub, this is one of the best you’ll find. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to the Lush ones. Lush lip scrubs are very grainy and when you pick them up on your finger, it’s like picking up powder or sugar because it all falls away. This still has the graininess needed to give you a great exfoliation but it’s in a thick balm (the word I want to use is goop, but in the best possible way) to make sure that the lips stay hydrated and aren’t dried out by the exfoliation process. It’s packed full of nut oils and cocoa butter to make sure that your lips look and feel great afterwards! If your lips are a bit more on the sensitive side, this might not be the one for you.

Coconut Lip Balm – Wow You Beauty

img_7743This is an AWESOME lip balm! This is the first new lip balm I’ve used in 2 years and it’s just a joy. It is long lasting and gives instant relief to dried out lips. It’s in the cutest packaging too which is a plus! When you first open the macaroon shaped packaging, the balm is pressed so hard that it’s quite difficult to pick up any product just by swirling your finger round. Instead I had to dig in a little bit which doesn’t look as pretty, but it’s worth it!


I hope you enjoyed my lipcare picks! What are your holy grail lip products?


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