Sol de Janeiro Brand Overview

Sol de Janeiro is the body care brand that is out for world domination! This best smelling (and selling) line is teaching the world to take care of their bum bum (get it?) The world’s most summery line has been expanding recently into SPFs and glow oils, and I’ve been lucky enough to try a fair few of their products, so here are my thoughts on what I’ve tried so far!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This cream, also known as the best smelling product on the entire planet, is just next level. The scent of this is unlike any other that I have smelt before and it’s so clear why people love it so much. I think most of it is down to the scent. As a body moisturiser, it’s okay but I’m not great at remembering to moisturise my body all the time. I’ve never noticed that this made my skin feel suuuuuper soft, but it does feel nice afterwards. For such a thick cream, it sinks in pretty quickly, which is a major plus for me as I literally detest the wet, sticky feeling after you’ve applied body lotion. I have repurchased this, but it is mainly because I just love the scent so much. Whenever I apply this, it does feel like a massive treat and it was the first product that made me fall for this brand


MySol Stick SPF 50

Okay okay, we have a winner! This instantly caught my attention because I had never seen anything like this before! This is easily my favourite product I’ve tried from the brand, maybe because it is so unique, but also because it’s so easy to use and so effective. This doesn’t have the same scent as the rest of the products I’ve tried, but maybe this scent is even better!? It’s a sweet/nutty/caramel smell that is so addictive and literally out of this world! It is really potent in the stick but once you apply it, the smell quickly disappears – it certainly doesn’t linger all day. If you’re sensitive to fragrance then this probably isn’t the product for you!

2102029b-4aa7-480f-840d-fb0d971ddfd5I didn’t test it out until I got on holiday… in Vietnam. This sunscreen is an SPF 50 and is water resistant for up to 8 minutes. This does contain coconut oil, which for my normal-dry skin is not a problem, but it is something to bear in mind. When I apply this, I apply it all over the face and then rub it in with my fingers to make sure that I haven’t missed any parts. Because the stick is circular, it’s really easy to get into the folds of the face, especially around the nose. It layers really well, so re-application is absolutely no bother. You are supposedly able to apply it over makeup to top up on your SPF and when I have tested it out, it didn’t remove any of my makeup. You will definitely have to double cleanse to remove this because you will definitely still feel it if you don’t (you should always be double cleansing with SPF anyway).

It’s worth noting that this SPF does leave your skin feeling a bit tacky for a while afterwards. If you were to wear this alone (without makeup over the top), you can definitely feel it on the skin and if you had your hair down, it would get stuck to your face. It doesn’t necessarily feel heavy on the skin, but it doesn’t feel as light as liquid sunscreens do. Because it doesn’t really set down, I don’t know how good this would be for oily skin types. For drier skin types, it would be great to keep the skin moisturised, but it might not be the best fit for oily or acne prone skin. I want to get a giant version for my body! I would definitely recommend this suncreen to anyone, especially if you already love the brand or are curious about trying a new SPF.

Samba Foot Fetish Care

img_2497_facetune_28-06-2019-16-02-32I saw my friend Anita (@the.wrinkle.phobic) use this all over her Instagram and it peaked my interest. I have pretty dry feet so I was wondering whether this cream would be thick enough to really make a difference for them. The cream comes with a mini surf board to buff away dead skin to leave skin smooth before you apply the cream. The cream has the amazing signature Sol de Janeiro scent but is much thinner than I was expecting, which made me wonder how moisturised my feet would be afterwards. Whenever I’ve applied it, I’ve done one or two thin-ish layers all over my feet and it has sunk in really nice and quickly. I was really pleasantly surprised the morning afterwards how smooth my feet have felt! I think a large part is down to the prep using the board, and clearly the cream is a great moisturiser!

Brazilian 4-Play Shower Cream Gel

I promised myself that I would get this once me and my boyfriend moved in together as a little treat. The best part of this is that it smells IDENTICAL to Bum Bum – which I was hoping for! When you use it in the shower, it isn’t a scent that washes off straight away. Instead it lingers on your skin and in the room, leaving your bathroom smelling like a Brazilian dream! My boyfriend would always know when I had used this and loooved the scent. It is probably the thickest shower cream I’ve ever tried, and I’ve found that it does leave a bit of a residue on the skin as you wash it off. It is £21 for 385ml, which is pretty steep for a day-to-day shower gel. If I were to repurchase this, I would keep it as a treat and use as a part of my weekly self care routine.

If you want to try out any products from Sol de Janeiro, you can find them at Space NK, Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and the Sol de Janeiro website. If you’re a bit savvy about it, you should be able to get these products at a discount on various sites. Feel Unique have 10% student discount through UniDays, Space NK often does a great offer of £15 off orders over £60 and Cult Beauty periodically offers 15% off orders over £20 – so be sure to keep an eye out!

Overall, Sol de Janeiro is a brand that has me excited. They have a really cool vibe, come out with really cool and unique products… and they are sooo grammable. They’re also really active on Instagram and really responsive to followers, which is so nice to see from a brand. Although it’s expected, it’s just not that common. Here’s to trying more products in the future!


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