The Perfect Party Makeup

It’s party season and time to get glam! Here is a quick list of tips on how to master the ultimate party makeup.



There will likely be food, drink and lots of dancing – you need a foundation that is going to last. I’d recommend using your most long lasting foundation – it doesn’t necessarily have to be full coverage if that’s not your jam, but don’t take any chances by using a new one. Use a tried and true – mine would definitely be the Clinique Fit Foundation (check my review if you’re not familiar with this one). If you use a new one, you don’t know how it will last; whether it will oxidise; whether it will break down and where and gurl, you don’t need that kind of stress in your life. When it comes to bronzer, blush and highlight, you can go slightly more heavy handed than usualΒ IFΒ your party is in low lighting. If not, you may end up looking like Bridget Jones when she applies too much blush to Mark’s posh dinner. Just consider the occasion and think about how much makeup would be suitable – just because it’s a special event doesn’t mean you have to apply any more makeup than usual if you don’t want to.Β That being said, if you want disco ball cheeks, go for it hun.



Decide ahead of time whether you want to make a statement with your eyes or with your lips – NOT both. I personally would always choose to make a statement with my eyes rather than opt for a colourful lip because I am a massive nude fan, but do what suits your style! If you’re not confident in your eyeshadow/liner abilities, you might feel more confident opting for a really strong, beautiful red/dark lip.

If you are going for a statement eye look, be sure to test it out before the event. If you have this grand vision in your head and then either can’t pull it off or it doesn’t look as good as you imagined, you’re in trouble.

Try and think about what you’re wearing ahead of time so that your makeup can compliment it, not clash with it. Don’t wear an electric blue dress and do bright blue makeup to match – if in doubt, keep it nude. On the other hand, if you’re planning on wearing a LBD, you’ll have so many more options for your makeup because your outfit is basically a blank canvas.

Party makeup often features shimmer or glitter so if they’re your jam then go for it! Shimmer shadows are usually way easier to work with and tend to go with more looks. Glitter can look a little stark sometimes and can be super annoying to get right. Make sure you practise ahead of time and have yourself a good glitter glue (The NYX one is supposed to be really good).


Don’t forget about your lower lash line! I’m a massive fan of a nude shade in the water line to open up the eyes and shadow along the lower lash line to really emphasise your eye shape but also to make the look seem more whole. If you have all this drama on the top and nothing on the bottom, it looks weird!?

Bolder looks always look better (in my humble opinion) with more defined brows. I tend to make my brows a bit thicker than they are naturally and make sure they are nice and sharp to suit the rest of the face.


How you do your lips at an event is very much personal preference. You might like to keep it festive and opt for a true red or a deep red to make a statement. Or if your eyes are doing the talking you might prefer a nude lip to tie it all in. Or you might like to throw all the makeup rules out the window and do a bright blue. It’s totally up to you! Personally, if I’ve gone for a bolder eye look, I would pair it with a classic nude and a gloss. If I had gone for a less elaborate eye shadow look but maybe went for a killer black liner instead, that is your opportunity for a deep or bright lip. If you want to go glittery for the occasion, do it!


Here is my take on party season makeup – I’m not really into crazy colours and glitters, so my look is nude and flawless (if I do say so myself). I love getting dressed up and putting a bit of extra effort into my makeup. My eye look was a lot more smokey than the camera is picking up and was basically my usual brown nude look but dialed up a bit and with extra shimmer!


I hope this is useful for anyone looking to get glam this party season, or just anyone looking to try something new!


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