How to do perfect brows

One of my lovely followers on my Instagram (and my best friend irl) requested a post on how to do your brows. I have been through some dark times with my brows, but really feel like for the last 5 years or so my brow game has been ON POINT.

Here’s how I master the perfect brow:

Tint your brows

If you are fair like me, or even just light eyebrows, then I suggest you seriously consider tinting them. This does NOT mean dying your brows black when you have blonde hair, nor does it mean spending a fortune. Dying your brows is great when you have lighter hair as you CAN ACTUALLY SEE YOUR EYEBROWS FOR ONCE *faints*. Naturally, I have no eyebrows – and by that I mean that the brow hairs are so light, I look like I have none. It makes it much easier for you to shape your brows (because you can see them) and it makes it much easier to draw them on, as the colour and shape is there already. I’ve been tinting my brows since I was 19 and now seriously struggle to draw them on when the colour starts to fade. You can get them done yourself if you’re not confident in doing it yourself, otherwise you can buy DIY kits in Boots or Superdrug. You can get one use kits (waste of money) or get ’10 use’ kits and use the stuff sparingly. The kit I’m using at the moment has lasted far more than 10 uses. Just BE CAREFUL of what colour you choose and how long you leave it on for. You can always redo the tint if it’s not dark enough, but if you leave it on for too long, you WILL have black eyebrows for 2 weeks.

*Disclaimer* PLEASE also put vaseline around your eyebrows before you start (not on the hair, on the skin) because the dye WILL stain your skin and you will look crazy – I know from experience… (lemon juice will NOT lighten the skin, it just burns)

Follow your natural shape

If you want natural looking brows, always follow your natural shape. Nobody has natural massive arches or suuuuuper thin eyebrows. Now you can see them (if you followed the first step), neatening up the brows underneath the arch and above the arch is easy. Comb through your brows with a little spooley first so they are all laying as you want, then comb down the tail in a diagonal line. Any stray hairs will become apparent. I always pluck my brows because I’m too scared to have them waxed or threaded, and as I’m fair I don’t have that much hair to get rid of.

Match your brows to your hair colour

To have the most natural looking brows, always try and match your eyebrows to your hair colour. I have dark blonde/light brown hair so I usually use taupe colours or ash brown at the absolute darkest. If you have blonde hair, taupe is probably a good shade for you, and a smidge darker if you really desire. For darker hair it’s pretty easy to find shades to match your hair perfectly.

Use a light hand

You can always go back in later, but if you start out too heavy then it will look unnatural from the beginning – and a little crazy.


I like to start at the front of the eyebrow, doing small strokes upwards to mimic and enhance the brow hairs that are already there. I then take it across the top of the eyebrow and draw the outline up to the arch, and then down to the tail. I then outline the underside and fill in the brow. I like to use an eyebrow pencil to start with and then an eyeshadow afterwards. Quite often I find that only using a brow pencil doesn’t give me the right colour brow to match my hair. Pencils can often run a little red or a little light, so a brow powder or a brown eyeshadow can help even things out.

fullsizeoutput_2948The brow after the eye pencil, a little red in colour, but has a good shape

I then take an angled brush and do upward strokes at the front of the brow to give it a bit more darkness to match the rest of the brow. Then I re-outline the brows and lightly fill it in. NO HARSH LINES. While we do want nice sharp lines, we are not looking for sharpie eyebrows here.

fullsizeoutput_2949This is how the brows look just before we apply brow gel. Looking great colourwise and shape wise. You might notice that some hairs, particularly near the arch, are straying a little bit but that will all get rectified in the next step!

Set your brows

I love using a clear brow gel to set. It keeps them in place all day and looking really sharp. You can use a coloured brow gel if you wanted, but I like a clear one as I already have a colour that matches my hair. If you were to use a tinted brow gel, I’d suggest using less product before this step, or it might over do the brows.


This is your end result!
You can see that the brow hairs at the front of the brow are up, rather than being combed down to the side like the rest of the brow hairs. I think this makes them look much more realistic. Also, there are no harsh lines here.

IMG_4483Compared to my other naked brow, you can see that all I’ve really done is beefed up the front of the brow, given it some more colour and a bit more of an arch. I know it can look a little crazy when there’s only one eyebrow done, so here’s how it looks when the full face is complete!


I hope this was helpful! The more you practise and do your brows, the quicker it becomes to do them! Leave a comment on here or my Instagram what you’d like to see next!


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